Author Topic: optix denoiser error  (Read 657 times)

2021-05-13, 21:45:55


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"Version mismatch detected in NVIDIA AI Denoiser, most likely caused by other render engine loading different OptiX DLLs. Please report this to Corona support.
Running version: 6.8.0, expected version: 6.0.0"

how can i solve this?
newest nvidia drivers are installed,
i also have vray5 on the system,can that be the cause?

THX for help

2021-05-14, 10:24:04
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I had this or a similar warning too. The reason was that my VRAM was running out of memory. Quit PS and Firefox and restart C4D helped.
Maybe it's something similar in your case.

2021-05-17, 10:33:31
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We are updating optix denoiser dlls in the next daily build coming hopefully this week. I believe running Corona installer again (with Custom setting and making sure the Nvidia Denoiser is ticked) should fix this for you. If it doesn't, you can search your computer for "optix.6.0.8.dll", remove that and run Corona installation again, that should solve your issue.

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