Author Topic: Interactive 3d floor plan  (Read 743 times)

2021-05-11, 19:39:54


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Hi guys, is there any way to make an interactive 3d floor plan which can be embedded on a website for viewing? Something like Layama, but for 3d plans?
Edit: we need simple interactive rotation over one axis

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2021-05-13, 23:54:35
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Im fairly certain you can embed Sketchup warehouse files into an Iframe.

So you would create your model in sketchup, upload it to sketchup warehouse set it to private and then embed it in your webpage.

2021-05-14, 10:18:52
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I've been messing around with <model viewer> ... I love it, it's open source (I think?... free at least). It has it's limitations, but I see great potential.

My current WIP test example: