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Most useless Cinema 4D version ? visualize


I worked for a short time with R16 visualize in architecture office and found it most useless version
for architecture visualisation. It does not have Mograph which is needed very often in
cloning trees and grass.
On the other hand you can use displacement map with corona grass if that helps.

Nejc Kilar:
I had to double check if they still offer the "cut down" versions - they don't. It was talked about for a while but I think they did it a couple of versions ago when they introduced subs, seemingly it was a bit pointless to have a neutered C4D unless you REALLY KNEW you weren't going to a certain feature set.

Anyhoo, problem of the past is it not? :)

Yes problem of the past. They hired some person from Adobe put monthly subscription and changed the logo into M.
Basically you do not own the software anymore but pay for the license.

It was never that you owned the software but only the license you paid for.
I worked at finnish cinema 4d distributor when they still had different editions
but it is 10 years ago.

However now you just pay what you use on monthly basis.
With some software like Affinity you pay one time and never again.
Adobe has the business model because they have to pay their employee.


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