Author Topic: Video projection on glass  (Read 784 times)

2021-05-09, 05:50:42


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I'm trying to create a video/ projection material on a glass cube tunnel.

The effect I want to achieve is similar to the reference attached.
The camera flies through a glass cubes tunnel which has multiple videos on 1 face of the glass cube.

I have tried using the self illumination channel in corona material and also a corona light material but can't get the right effect.

I want the video to have some opacity like a projection screen projected into glass.

Any ideas?

2021-05-10, 15:22:06
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I'd suggest using a standard C4D texture for this and adding an animated texture to the luminance channel. You can then scrub through the timeline to see your animated texture. This will not work in IR, only for a final render. Good luck! ;)

Here's a quick tutorial: