Author Topic: Problem with the viewport (Cinema 4D S24)  (Read 1277 times)

2021-05-06, 21:38:03


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Cinema 4D S24 does not display the alpha channel of the Corona 6.2 material in the viewport. I tried everything, I don't know what to do. In Cinema 4D R21, everything is displayed normally. An example is shown in the screenshots. Thanks!

System: Cinema 4D R24, Corona Renderer 6 Hotfix 2, Windows 10 x64, NVDIA RTX 2060 (driver ver. 466,27)
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2021-05-07, 09:58:07
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we are aware of this (along with e.g. Corona Sky viewport preview), and are looking into how to fix this on our side, but it is mainly because of changes made within Cinema4D which are making this difficult.

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