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2021-04-30, 20:18:31


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Hello Everyone,

I've been using corona for several years for archviz.  My workflow is Revit-3dsmax(+100plugins) -Corona-Photoshop.

I love corona.
I am always interested to know why people prefer it to the alternative archviz pipelines - Octane, Redshift, Unreal, Lumion

I've tried GPU renderers and found them lacking for outdoor scenes - just not worth it, especially now that we have  Threadrippers.
I've tried unreal and it was a pain to bring in assets but that might change.
Lately I've had a lot of ads drop into my inbox for Lumion and I was thinking about giving it a go. What does Corona have that Lumion might not (other than render quality which is slowly progressing and my current asset pipeline.) The product seems to be getting better.
I also ask because I hate 3ds max (though I know I can switch to C4d, I don't want to learn a new software at the moment, though I am interested to know what people think of moving from max to c4d with a revit model)
I have severalof plugins and hours invested in max - but looking at the new lumion images I'm starting to wonder if that pain is worth it for straightforward projects.
I use archviz not only to make a final image but also to test materials. This might sound like a Lumion slam dunk, but Corona IR works great and it's not very useful to test materials in low quality images.

2021-04-30, 20:54:25
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Do you animate and do vfx work? Do you do motion graphics? Are you just importing and rendering models?

I think a link to your work would be good if you want better answers. But I will tell you life is not better in C4D land for everything.
It sounds like you have tried real time rendering and GPU rendering and I agree that it can't hold a candle to Corona quality. But man I'm not
sure if you're going to find the quality in lumion that you seek.

Good luck, and one last thing I have found is that Max still to this day can get shots done faster than a lot of things, but to each their own. IF you hate Max stop using it I say.