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Hello Everyone,

I use a few tools/plugins with 3ds MAX for archviz, and I wanted to create a thread attempting an exhaustive list. Please add your own and describe them briefly. I'm also looking to know why you might prefer a tool over that for some reason. There are lots of tools so it's nice to highlight standouts:

Laubwerk Scatter,
Corona Scatter,
Itoo Forest Pack - I use Itoo due to its library and the fact that it's the most complete solution. The UI is not great.

Project Manager:
Project Manager V.X - Not the best UI but it allows batch render - don't use much anymore.
Connecter - Great Drag and drop Capabilities, good pathing, can add materials, as close to a functional manager as I've been able to find - always getting better.

Material Libraries:
Poliigon - Sort of painful to bring in, requires plugin, good library. Substance Mats by Poliigon are amazingly powerful.
Vizpark Material Manager - Nice Omnitiles plugin, Great Walls and Tiles to create non repeating brick textures though wouldn't bother to make new materials.  Busy but powerful Material Manager.
Substance Library - High Quality Materials, Bit of a Pain to bring into Max. Don't know why it can't be drag and drop.
Siger - Organize Collection and great max integration with good materials.  I use this as my material library due to legacy. Would use Connecter instead if I was starting over.
Megascans - Quickly becoming a favorite. Allows me to drag and drop high end materials into my scenes.

RailClone - Too complex to bother using from time to time for archviz. Terrible UI. Max Standard. Can't love.
FloorGenerator + FloorGen 1.2 : Requires both to function. (Or else you can only tile coplanar surfaces,...ugh. ) Most intuitive tiling combo for 3ds max. Includes Varied patterns.
Omintiles: Likely too complex for time to time use. Last resort for extremely complex patterns.

Laubwerk - Amazing for assets more than 2 meters away. Best optimization - drag and drop library.
Megascans - When you just want a drag and drop a hero asset.  Not a huge library.

Pheonix FD - Inside of Max - nuff said.

Asset Sources:
3d Sky
CG Source
Design Connected

Texture Sources: - go to source.

Texture Maker:
PixPlant -  just works.

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Philip kelly

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Thank you .
I thought since you went to the point of writing this post it deserved a response.
I never realised how many things I actually subscribe too, to do my daily business.
I think I have all the above bar megascans. I use Mrcutout for the people libraries.

Thank you .

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Guys, we already have similar thread on the forum. What's the point to discuss it all over again?
I'm not Corona Team member. Everything i say, is my personal opinion only.
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