Author Topic: Infinite Loop Misalignment please help  (Read 797 times)

2021-04-11, 22:52:02


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Hey guys!

I'm reaching out to you because you're very often so helpful ^^ My man!

I'm working for a school project (Chris Brown fan account) and I designed an infinite loop animation composed of snake bones. I'm nearly there (go check that link :

But my problem is I have a misalignment at the center of the loop, like where the spline might join... It's such a shame because it breaks the infinite loop fx, don't you think?

I tried tweaking the cloner parameters in C4D but nothing did the trick. The closest I got is disabling "align clone" and the misalignment got away. But by doing that, the clones don't follow the spline anymore and the visual looks like crap...

By any chance, does someone have a clue?

Thanks so much for your help,