Author Topic: Selling Workstation: Intel Xeon 28 Cores, 128 GB Ram, 4.5 TB SSD, Nvidia 1080Ti  (Read 914 times)

2021-03-31, 15:39:25


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Intel Xeon 28 Cores, 128 GB Ram, 4.5 TB SSD, 1080Ti

Selling price: 3850.- USD + Shipping Cost (depends on your country)
Serious offers to: | must be paid in advance or when pickup

Still a pretty decent PC-System, price is negotiable. Good power and reliability...



- CPU's: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2683 v3 14Cores = Total of 28 Cores/56 Threads! (3.5 Ghz O Clock)
- Cooling CPU's: 2x Watercooling Corsair Hi 80 Hydro Series
- Motherboard: Asus Z10PE-D8 WS Dual-CPU Mainboard (m2-cabable or until 4 GPUs!)
- Additional Network-Card: 4 Port Gigabit-Server network adapter
- RAM: 128 Gig ECC Ram 2133 MHZ (error-correcting Ram, more stable)
- Memory Disk 1: 2x2 TB SSD Intel = 4 TB Storage memory
- Memory Disk 2: 1x 512 GB SSD Samsung
- Gfx-Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Turbo 11G (Special Piece that it doesn't 'hang')
- Power Supply: Bequiet! 750 Watt Power Supply
- Case: Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow Edition (replaced customer fans with more quiet ones)
- Drive front: Asus DVD-Drive Standard
- Hotswap front: For fast switchable SSD or Standard HD, very handy

- No Keyboard, Mouse or Screen.
- No OS on CD (no Windows license).
- Some components maybe still have warranty but can't give information in detail.

New Price back then was about 7500-8000 USD: each CPU alone about 2000, Ram alone about 2000, fair price....

Case is quite big, also ideal for a data server. Or open to modify for GPU-Rendering...

It can be a secret bijou in hard times of rare CPUs or overpriced GFX-Cards...
Machine was assembled professionally by an IT specialist. Cable management is clean.

It's best if you would pick it up in Switzerland, Zurich but probably shipping is possible, too. It's rather big and heavy but transport should be doable.
Case is clean (no dust) and contains only a few tiny scratches. It was at home, didn't use it often. Image is generic image but correct case. Can send real pics on request.