Author Topic: First ever render in Corona with Forest Pack  (Read 318 times)

2021-01-23, 22:17:13


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Hi All,

After using vray many years ago and now trying to learn CGI again I have given Corona a shot. I am essentially starting from scratch again.
In addition to using 3ds max I bought Forest Pack for scattering trees and I have followed along with this tutorial:

The test scene provided has a displaced mountain based off a texture map, scattered trees, rocks, grass etc in Forest Pack and water generated with a gradient map and corona distance with noise.
I used all of the material and render settings as per the final model provided. I rendered with the default render settings and I would assume that the render would be similar to the thumbnail in the video. I appreciate they would've done some final touch ups but it looks nothing the same. Firstly the mountain to the left and beyond has such greater detail (which isn't in the texture) even though I left the texture as is. How have they achieved this? photoshop?
The general detail I am just not happy with. The water effect looks completely different too? (I do like the one I generated) Did they just amend the gradient and noise values to spread out the water flatter? How do I get this cinematic, eerie, 'still' like effect? Do they use volumetrics? and heavily processed afterwards?

I rendered the scene with a Corona Sun, a HDRI and increased the GI's to 64 as an indirect render element shown a lot of noise in the shadows.
Render image 1 - GI's 16
Render image 2 - GI's 64

In order to revise this, I will play around with the sparsity of the tree layout and general foliage so it is similar but in terms of render quality and general effects, I would massively appreciate some advice on improvements.
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2021-02-04, 08:46:46
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Hi, a few things come to mind when looking at your render.

- The mountains seem to have to little tessalation to provide a good displacement. Add a corona displacement modifier to start with.
- The scaling of the whole scene seems off which gives it a unrealistic feeling.
- The hdri and sun are clearly different which makes the lighting feel fake.
- The forrest pack example seems to have much more diversity in scattering for instance small plants to cover up the steep waterside.
- They did use some sort of distance fog, you can add that easily, just search volumetric fog and corona.

These are a few points. Keep it up.