Author Topic: IR PowerUP - A tiny IR helper script  (Read 3273 times)

2020-09-23, 19:06:08


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I wrote this script as an exercise, as a private person, it is completely independent from the works of the Corona Team. This is a private, for fun, after-hours project. It is absolutely unofficial, provided as-is, and does not come with any kind of warranty or support.

What is it?
It is a floating window with a collection of various tools / settings which you hopefully may find useful when using Corona's IR.

How to use it?
Step 1: Back up your whole scene, or at least render settings. I mean it. I don't take any responsibility in case your scene gets broken (e.g. your current render settings, including camera settings, disappear).
Step 2: Click buttons.

How does it work?
It modifies some render settings and 3ds Max Environment settings. It does not modify any magical settings which are normally hidden from the user.

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2020-09-23, 19:13:15
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Looks really interesting!

2020-09-24, 12:36:08
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This looks great! Thanks for making it. The quick EV controls are especially cool, as it should allow us to quickly isolate objects and still use IR to work on them, then when we're done we can restore the original settings and carry on. Would be amazing to see this built into the IR (docked and floating windows) as a series of buttons along the top perhaps...
Alex York

2020-09-24, 16:17:29
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Would be amazing to see this built into the IR (docked and floating windows) as a series of buttons along the top perhaps...

Yeah this would not be bad idea if done correctly. No idea how such UI would look but thought the same.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2020-09-24, 17:09:51
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Very nice!
And thanks for doing it open source :)

I wouldn't mind keeping IR in Turbo all the time. I don't see any difference in quality anyway and it's considerably faster.

There seems to be an issue when you click on "load backup render settings" while in isolation mode. It switches back to not isolation mode but the object remains isolated. So everything else turns to hidden I guess.

I'm on Max 2020.