Author Topic: Corona and backburner - black buffer window on remote computer  (Read 1478 times)

2020-09-16, 15:05:10


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Hi there,

Once I switched to a brand new release of corona I encountered strange behavior. When I deploy a job via backburner on external computer and wants to see how is it rendering the 3DS max (2017 - I know, old and rusty) default buffer appears to be black (on this remot computer of course). However it does finish the job as expected saving the image correctly once the rendering is done but still the black frame buffer on slave computer is pretty annoying. It happens to every scene I create and tried different settings. I'm out of ideas :) Any suggestions?


2020-09-16, 17:58:41
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As a first step, I would suggest updating to Windows 10. Keep in mind that Windows 7 is not supported by Microsoft any more, so it doesn't receive new updates. And new updates sometimes affect Corona. Updating Windows is often the easiest solution to various problems.

Other than that, I may be wrong, but I think that displaying the VFB with the rendering content on a render node (3dsmaxcmd, Backburner, etc) would be against Autodesk licensing policy. So that may be the reason as well.