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2020-05-30, 23:36:22


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Today I came across an interior scene in which I needed to use a Jpeg background stretched onto a plane and at the same time a visual display of corona sun outside the window with bloom and glare, and using the standard background approach described in corona's helpdesk with rayswitch cannot help me. If I had a full panorama, I would use direct visibility override in the scene settings but I don’t have it and translating this jpeg into a spherical projection and trying to catch it in the window is too time-consuming.
So I got an idea - what if we have a standalone shader for the background with all the necessary overrides, settings, and maybe additional features directly in it, it would be very useful for newcomers as well.
In about 3/4 of all interior scenes, I add the background directly to 3ds max and not on postprod, and in half of these cases I use regular jpeg. Maybe I just don’t have enough knowledge or experience and I don’t understand something, but how, for example, can I solve this problem with displaying the sun through the background?
I think that if you think over and develop the idea, it will be very Corona-style, we will get a quick and easy-to-use tool for the tasks that visualizers constantly face in their daily work, especially considering that corona is mainly used in exterior and interior visualization
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