Author Topic: Render and Stop button not work sometimes  (Read 1810 times)

2020-03-25, 14:21:03

William Yan

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I found that the "Render" and "Stop" button in Corona Rendering setting panel and VFB, is not work sometimes. when I stop the rendering, the stop button in VFB is still there.

And another one is when I hit the render in Corona Rendering setting panel, The VFB didn't show the rendering process. In Corona Rendering setting panel it shows pass 9 maybe, the in the VFB, the image popped up suddenly.

2020-03-25, 14:28:27
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Yeah, I got the same behavior of the stop button
I suspected an issue with the availble memory,[someone suggested it on previous version], So I closed all the programs especially Chrome tabs
I didn't experienced it again, for the moment...
Corona ArchiCAD Alpha 5

2020-03-26, 08:31:59
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Yes, same issue here. It is something with refreshing. Stop buttons, WFB tools and 3d material preview window don't refresh.
restart can help.
it happens randomly and not often and I can't reproduce it again yet.
I installed the latest GPU drivers (SD), but it doesn't help.

Archicad 8-23CZE, Corona Renderer for Archicad Alpha 5

2020-04-12, 16:30:01
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As pointed out the solution for the first error is to close and restart ArchiCAD again and it should be fine otherwise make sure you don't have other programs competing with ArchiCAD for RAM currently open (Chrome is a big big culprit)

As for the second situation  (render not showing in the VFB which just shows black) and very quick workaround is just to drag the VFB just out of view (to the bottom of the screen) and back again and you'll see the render in progress.
But it doesn't update with each pass so you have to do that again anytime you want to see progress.
I think this problem is linked or related to the problem brought up in another thread where the material sample slot in the material editor doesn't show the preview until you switch render engines and switch back again - and the same thing for if you make any changes to the material and want to see updates.

Not the most ideal situation, but at the same time not something we can't work around.

I suspected it's a graphics card issue on my end (RTX 2080 for me) but my drivers are up to date so it's hard to figure out.

2020-04-14, 11:32:34
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Hello and thanks for the report. The issue is documented and an update will be posted here once fixed.