Author Topic: Phoenixfd Foam and splashes, changing topology motion blur, CoronaMesher  (Read 3520 times)

2019-12-02, 22:46:28


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I would like to ask the developers how the work on implementing foam and splashes support from phoenixfd is progressing, can we expect it in v6?
Is there hypothetically a technical possibility to implement motion blur support for a changing topology or to create a separate CoronaMesher that works with motion blur?
Soon I will have to render some fountains and I would not want to use other engines, since I stuck to Corona.
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2019-12-03, 01:10:46
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From what I know (maybe I'm wrong) , we need to wait Chaosgroup to implement the right API to be able to render foam with Corona.

2019-12-19, 16:13:35
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Those two things you mentioned here (foam and motion blur for changing topology) are extremely tricky. The current status is: we are aware that this is very important to many users, and it is high priority to us. Can't provide any time frame right now, though.
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2019-12-19, 17:20:00
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Yes, the motion not working with changing topology is a big problem for us. We have had to bail on using Corona for certain projects which makes me sad :)

2019-12-19, 20:33:42
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I second the need for motion blur with changing topology, let's not wait much longer if possible.

2022-01-14, 21:17:28
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done (at least the first 2)
Rendering is magic.
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