Author Topic: Corona VFB - History Tab  (Read 2265 times)

2019-11-02, 13:41:29


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as VFB rescaling is still a big issue, I think that won't be possible yet.

How about "LOAD" for the VFB history? So you have your History of progress, but 3ds max crashes as it always does.

So how about that
1. Each project could have an option to specify where to store the VFB history so that all the bits are saved.
2. Each time you turn on the project you can restore those bits to see the comparison or just the progress.
3. Automatic save at destination

What do you think? This could also be an option to set your IR to the XXXxYYY size of the bit in order to keep consistent results.

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2019-11-13, 19:58:55
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This is an awesome solution, +1 from me!