Author Topic: Is Corona for blender dead?  (Read 17113 times)

2021-06-07, 16:42:46
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I don't know why there's such a silence about it? Is it some agreement between Autodesk/Chaos that Chaos is obligated to focus developing mainly on Autodesk products?
Hi, we do not have any such agreement

Or it is a method for having some traffic on site because "blender" keyword is actually a big attractive thing?
first search query containing "blender" is ranked 286 on our website ;)
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2021-06-11, 02:18:58
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Search for Corona when you started this magnificent render engine was 0.

Search for Blender can be even ranked 1000, in general Blender users know that Corona don’t support Blender so don’t expect any higher rank in search or any other metrics.

Blender is not an stablished market in ArchViz, it is a growing market, you CAN create such a market instead of just relying on the existing market or waiting until others create such a market.

2021-06-16, 21:48:41
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no reason to wait corona while there are other suitable engines for blender. take a look to new redshift came to it. it is also a hybrid engine wich has also secondary GI calculation like corona, but all on GPU wich makes it even faster than corona.