Author Topic: CXR files saves automatically in preference folder ??  (Read 2302 times)

2019-09-09, 06:19:16


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When Corona 3 came out there were a few threads about the fact that we can't save the CXR files that we render directly from  the "save" menu of C4D.
Today I found out that my HD was filling with hundreds and hundreds of CXR files...everything I render is kept in the preference folder of C4D. So I'm wondering about couple of things:
1. In all the threads about this subject nobody ever mention that all the CXR files are saved to the preference folder...not even the developers...seems a bit weird....
2. Is corona saving all my renderings because I ticked "automatic saving on render end" in corona preference (pic attached section mark in red "1")
3. In the pic attached - I highlighted a section in red marked "2" (output auto save) - It's not "on" by default. What does it do ?


2019-09-14, 15:04:05
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It works with Corona VFB only. There is no file after rendering in picture viewer sadly.  So there is no hope for cxr file from render farm also this time. Just autosave something what we can do manually I think. architekt wnętrz wrocław

2019-09-15, 10:29:49
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Not sure autosave options are working, whereas, i confirm that save at render end, will create a cxr file in your appdata.

Untick it, and you're good, because, this can lead to heavy files storage.. Or trash the one you don't want.


2019-09-16, 13:19:49
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