Author Topic: Installing Corona for Blender  (Read 77361 times)

2019-07-29, 15:31:36


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Hey everyone, first post here. Although I'm a Blender user I am following a course for 3DS Max where we use Corona to render our images. I am quite impressed with Corona (especially the Lightmixer) and would love to try it with Blender. However, I can't get it to work properly, I have followed three guides but each time I end up following links that are either broken or lead me to other versions.

So my question is: can anyone tell me where I can find the latest exporter and compatible standalone version?

2019-07-29, 18:46:21
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You should go to here and download COrona 3 and Corona 1.6

Under addon preferences, you should enter the location of the installed Corona.exe for Corona 3, and then for the material preview set it up with Corona 1.6. Material preview doesnt work with Corona 3 just yet so thats the workaround.

Use that with the latest version of the corona addon and you shouldn't have a problem getting it to work