Author Topic: Multi CoronaTriplanar inputs-outputs / CoronaTriplanarMod  (Read 1844 times)

2019-06-08, 06:16:20


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Hello, I have noticed, when I setup my material using for example 3 maps like diffuse, refgloss and normalbump and when I want to use triplanar projection i have to setup triplanar map, then copy it 3 times and spend some time connecting pins.
And every time I want to change and tweak triplanar projection i need to do it again, copying 3 times and connecting pins, considering that we cant see triplanar changes in the viewport and have to use IR, all that stuff becomes really annoying.
What if we could use multiple inputs  in CoronaTriplanar map  and multiple outputs for every texture we want to use with triplanar(choosing desired amount) or maybe CoronaTriplanarModifier with selectable desired UV channel. It will be great! I am not doing "photoshop-hypothetical" screenshots because it seems  that everything is clear.

2019-06-08, 10:20:24
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That would probably unnecessary blow out triplanar's UI. And of course next thing you'd want that same thing would happen to randomizer. But all that you're requesting, is already available with 3ds max functionality and it works just fine. Use controllers for map attributes instanciating and save setuped material/map to material library, so you can reuse it at any time. There are several topics in the forum that discusses such techniques, you can search for them and learn how it can greatly improve your workflow.
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