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I tried to ignore generative AI to the best of my abilities, but it seems that pretty soon you'll have to chose - either you embrace it or you'll go extinct like a dinosaur. Couple days ago i finally forced myself to install stable diffusion and i have been playing with it since. Text2image is certainly not for me, at least not for now, but seeing all those ridiculously good looking CG people enhancement examples on the forum, i wanted to try this for myself. Here's my attempt so far. I took my old crappy rendering and tried couple different people enhancement methods on it. Inpaint vs upscale with controlnet. I think i like the upscale method more, although it involves significantly more work and can give quite inconsistent colours and details. Anyway, unexpectedly it was great fun, i think i'll continue and try to improve my knowledge. Whether i want it or not, AI is the future and traditional CG bound be much less important if not going to extinct altogether.

The forum is acting weird and for some reason it did not display your newest posts as unread for me. Super cool stuff as always!
The AI experiment is great too. I understand that some jobs can already be replaced by AI, but for some other ones I am sure AI will stay as an assistant/tool operated by a human. At least for some time... We shall see!

That carbon fibre though :)


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