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Good evening members of the forum

I want to tell how the render is deceived in omega and what difficulties arise in working with them

I got to work in omega

agreed on 3 picture of the interior - 2 living room with kitchen and 1 bath

the price was 130 100 and 130 = 330 $ for 59 m2

discussed terms - approved the schedule

sent materials from the customer:

plan, later a section for understanding the height of ceilings, pdf file in German - which materials I use, which doors, etc.

but in these materials - not a word about design and not 1 ref design

I started to do and the first stage was ser mat - sent. There were no comments on the design of the world, they said they decided not to send this stage to customers

proceeded further did in materialyal and here began

1 art director - sausages with - all the time otustsvoval, it was possible to write 10 times he was still silent

2 Veronika worked with me

I threw off the living room and bath

there were no comments about the living room except for milkweeds to replace the handles, correct the color of the parquet and put the blinds, transfer the window to replace the background, make it real _ on Google and Yandex there is no answer, how to be clear there is no answer, then I told them 10 times let's insert at home, what makes the exterior; I got them and put them, and I thought I sort of settled it

- in the bath - constant edits, the light is not so wrong ([although he showed them in the mat) - the answer is how to put the light from the art director on silence. Light shone with Veronica. I kind of fixed everything. I downloaded models either from the manufacturer’s website or from 3ddd, there were a lot of edits, and there is always no clear answer.

All this happened in parallel with the bath and living room during the week

participation art director-0

Today the answer comes that they need to redo the whole living room, they cannot send to the customer (the main project manager wrote) - she was also in the chat and saw everything that was happening

I started reworking and as a result, almost everything was reworked, Kolbasnikov earring appeared and I said I would do it in 2-3 hours, do you have a thin education? As a result, it was sent in a light form, for which we do not work this way so it is impossible to communicate and we will decide how further.

I agreed with OMEGA RENDER only to render any design and so on. for this is a separate price and very different working conditions. I did the visualization.

got the answer that they want to get a scene from me and pay for the work done

I agreed

Received the answer that the price of all work done is 30%, which is about $ 100 - I spent 3000-4000r on the model

I said that I will not give, to which they did not respond

after some time, the answer came that I continue the bath for the rest of them themselves (the meaning was this)

when i asked what the living room answer was

Veronika So, SU - you will lead, payment will be after the final. Waiting for feedback from the client

18: 15a for the living room like?

Veronika 18: 15 for living nothing as you do not send the scene, we do it again

1 more visor they have 1.5 months without money sitting mb will not pay mb

================================================= ===============

The conclusion is very simple - not to work with this company is a scam and a search for slaves

I cannot add Skype chat to a regret I can not they deleted the conversation

I can pre-work if anyone is interested

2019-04-03, 15:21:50
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Do you also pay for your cold half eaten pizza in advance?
Or do you get your pizza if you don't give the delivery man the cash?
Do you get a BigMac for promises? Do you get your coffe, a beer for promising exposure, spreading good word?

(unless you have otherwise protected your business before hands - you got contract checked, lawyer at hand, backup plan...)

You show clients small images, cropped parts of original size image, working process screenshots, watermarked stuff...

Don't be angry at Omega or anyone else. It was you, who was being naive and stupid. Emotions spent, wasted on money will only take You down.
So be smart, consider it "Lesson learned!"

"If there is a rock, be like water!"
Grow up, moving on

2019-04-04, 18:57:39
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I will consider
but I want to warn others not to repeat my path