Author Topic: 3DS Max 2019 UI is very slow!  (Read 4227 times)

2018-09-06, 20:06:08

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Hi! Anyone know how to resolve this problem? Load a subobject panel takes 3-5 second on my machine..

Thanks for reading

2018-09-15, 18:15:26
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Ink Visual

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I have a smilar problem with Max 2016, was trying to find solution but no success so far.
What's your workstation specs? It all works ok on my two other PC's, surprisingly 3rd one the strongest of them all, i9 4.2ghz, 64gb ram, 2xGTX 1080Ti has that issue.
Super annoying!

2018-09-16, 18:30:37
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On local forum one guy recently claimed that he solved very laggy 3ds max issue, by downloading and running sdi-tool, which checked system for missing drivers and installed those that were missing. Just saying.
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2018-09-17, 15:15:43
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Not sure if this would work (probably not), but another idea is to disable Control Flow Guard for 3dsmax.exe: