Author Topic: Panoramic frame buffer  (Read 708 times)

2018-06-19, 18:58:54


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is it possible to implement IR/Rendering instant preview for panoramic camera? It's sometimes annoying that I have to render preview, export it, upload it to some service or even through some java script to realise that actually I have to move camera a bit left for example. Live panoramic feedback would be just cool.

All best, Chris.

2018-06-19, 20:27:53
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As an option at the moment, there's yVR from You can do it! VFX, which does exactly that - allows you to pan around in an IR render.

2018-06-19, 23:05:25
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I can vouch for yVR.  Just used it on a project and it worked great.  Crashed a few times but otherwise just what you're looking for I think.