Author Topic: Save crx file via savepath  (Read 928 times)

2018-03-16, 15:41:44


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I'm not sure if there already is a way to do this, but It would be great if it was possible to save the crx file via a savepath,
so I could render an animation on a renderfarm and later on have one crx file (with all the passes) per frame. Even cooler would be if it was possible to open all that crx files together as an animation with a timeline in the corona vfb and edit them
all at the same time.

Is that already possible?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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2018-03-19, 09:31:04
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Hi, this is in the plans for the current release (Beta 2). You can check it out in our roadmap

Of course, from the way it's written on the roadmap, it's not entirely clear that the saving will also mean that you will be able to save cxr via the file path in the Save tab of Render Settings. We will add this piece of information to the roadmap.