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2017-10-23, 13:22:48


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Corona VR Warp Points
Just watched the tutorials about your construct VR setup and corona app (pano viewer) and would love to have this warp point feature for pano tours in c4d too ;)

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2017-10-23, 18:20:24
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It is great to have those embedded in the 3D scene! I am not sure on the possibility and plans to have the Warp Helper objects in C4D (and even if it is possible, looking into it would have to wait until all the core functionality gets its due attention).

Although not as convenient as embedding the Warps into the 3D scene itself, it should be possible to use the Desktop Warp Editor to create content for CoronaVR from C4D - the sign up process is at and includes a link to download the desktop warp editor.

It's also possible to edit them directly in the file, as the warp data is just metadata, there's some info on that in this article

Again, not as elegant as building them into the 3D scene itself, but could get you up and running with C4D and CoronaVR in the meantime!