Author Topic: Fountain simulation  (Read 1486 times)

2016-05-21, 16:16:41


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Hello coronauts!
I'm asking for advice - which tools are best for simulating fountains (for still images)?
I used Lumion alot and composed water scenes in ps, but maybe there is a better solution for doing this kind of stuff?

2016-05-21, 18:49:37
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If it's a one of thing or in the distance, you may simply search on sites like Turbosquid for pre simulates water sprays, splashes and crowns. Its a cheap way.
Other wise, market leader for most features (and obviously largest price) is realflow. They recently also introduced a tool spcefically for crown splashes, which can help with a certain fountain flpash look.
Also there is Phoenix FD by Chaosgroup, which is the best solution, that works directly in 3dsmax.