Author Topic: Royalty free art for use in ArchViz???  (Read 1420 times)

2016-02-09, 14:30:51


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Anyone who know a good place for getting royalty free art that can be used in my visualizations? With this I mean paintings, posters ect.
I know I can get some by Google images, but it is quite limited though. I also know that many of you probably would say, why bother - just get it from the net. But my customer is quite strict about using legal content, and since we will go "very public", we don't want to risk an claims.

How are you guys handling this problem? I have been in touch with the national copyrights authorities, and they say that as a rule of thumb all commercial use of content such as images of paintings, photos, posters ect. is protected by copyrights, unless the artist have been dead for more than 70 years. I see many paintings used around on the viz galleries, so either you don't care/bother or you have got it from some kind of royalty free source.

(I don't know if this is the right category to put this topic in, if not, then feel free to move it.)

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