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Chaos Corona for Blender / Is Corona for blender dead?
« on: 2019-10-24, 04:33:57 »
Corona looks so good!! Especially for architecture, and I'd like to really learn even more, but there are so many things which need to be fixed. I've been following this forum for a while and it looks like nothing is being updated. Should I just not bother anymore and go to octane or something instead?

We need 2 versions of Corona to make material previews work. It regularly crashes. Export time is horrendous. There is no preview render. There is incredibly limited functionality compared to the 3ds max version, including the new caustics solver.

Meh, silly little blender I guess isn't worth the time investment (maybe take a look at who's sponsoring blender now... Nvidia, AMD, Epic games, Adidas, Google etc...)

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