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Maybe impossible - or maybe achievable in another way... but it would be helpful to disable individual lights or light materials from Volumetric effects or the Global Volume material - in the same way you can disable a light from reflection / refraction / masks / alpha.

An example where this would be useful is for any project using LightMix with multiple environments or lighting setups. The CESSENTIAL_Volumetrics element becomes useless for applying in Post as it combines the environmental effects from every light source.

I have a current project with a day shot (just sun/sky) and a night version (with interior and exterior lighting) - all lights are visible in the volumetric pass. The volumetric pass is now useless for tweaking/layering in post as it has sunlight pouring in through the windows (not relevant for the night shot) and has volumetric cones where the exterior lights appear (lovely in the night shot, but not relevant for the day shot).

Alternatively if there was a control within the CESSENTIAL_Volumetrics pass to choose which light sources it is using - much like the Light Select passes themselves?

Checker -> UVW Randomizer (Mesh Element mode, use U and/or V offset 0 to 1) -> pipe to 1. Diffuse, 2. Displacement. Could also not repro any discrepancy in other slots.
Inspection :


 (Report ID=CRMAX-687)

Just to add to this one, UVW Randomizer doesn't work correctly when used with a CoronaDisplacementMod - the same (incorrect) randomisation which doesn't match the Diffuse is applied.

Hoping this is fixed before long, it's not been mentioned in RC2 or 3 and currently makes UVW Randomisation almost unusable...

Using the Corona 7 Release Candidate - and it seems to have broken UVW randomisation.

One material, multiple maps (although the issue is apparent with just two maps) - both with identical UWV randomisation, in this case by Mesh Element - same seed, same values.

I seem to remember this making the randomisation match on different map channels - so the diffuse / bump / displace / whatever would be coherently randomised across the model - but this doesn't seem to be the case currently, each map is randomised differently making UVW randomise useless if you have more than one map in a material.

Hopefully a straightforward fix to return to the previous function? Nice.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Daylight System / Camera link
« on: 2021-05-25, 13:31:47 »
Done exactly what you describe a hundred times (including camera tracking/matching). Just use different frames in the timeline

This definitely sounds like something to try... I've already got the cameras and timings locked in with the daylight system, just trying to find better solutions for rendering and not changing the clock!

Cheers! J

[Max] Feature Requests / Daylight System / Camera link
« on: 2021-05-25, 11:04:38 »
No idea if this is achievable, but it would be great to link the time in the Daylight system to individual cameras...

I'm working on a photomontage project, and the Daylight system is ideal for matching the sun direction / shadows to the original photos - but with 5 different viewpoints, it means changing the time in the daylight system for every shot.

This might be achievable with something clever in maxscript, but I'm not at all knowledgeable enough - if anyone has any solutions, I'd be happy to hear them!

Was just thinking about this possible feature again - would be so useful for things like staining / ageing of materials (e.g. when stucco / brick / timber material gets close to roof slate material).

Obviously this is already possible by stacking up an existing Corona Distance map, but for a big project with many roof objects it becomes a pain to manage!

Hopefully something possible in the future.

Off-Topic / Re: Help me find a retail parallex plugin
« on: 2021-05-05, 10:03:47 »
I took note of it when they launched the project - - will be interesting to see how you get on with it.

No progress for me (original poster) - this sometimes happens and other times the Corona VFB appears fine on the backburner machines...

There doesn't seem to be any pattern or reason why it works as normal or sometimes appears as black (in the default Max framebuffer).

Off-Topic / Re: Hosting VR tours
« on: 2021-04-16, 15:20:06 »
Hi Phillip,

Outside of self hosting, there are lots of decent online hosting platform for VR Tours / 360º walkthroughs - Kuula, Theasys, theViewer are three which I've used commercially or tested with clients in the past. They're all fairly similar and each all have their pros and cons, and most offer a trial version before paying for a subscription so I'd suggest setting up an account and giving them a try to see how you get on.

Overall, I've probably seen the best results through theViewer - but it's also quite a pricey option.

The Bloom + Glare pass that you have as Jpeg on the black background will work fine, you just need to use it as a Screen layer in Photoshop so it only uses the highlights (you might want to try other blend modes to compare).

I'm not sure there's any way to get the Bloom + Glare included in your alpha as it's not a physical object in the scene - so saving as PNG with the alpha cut out will always lose the B+G.

Gallery / Re: Porsche 718 Spyder
« on: 2021-03-26, 10:00:52 »
I'm not usually a car guy, but these are particularly tasty - maybe it's the quayside making me wish for holidays by the sea...

Hardware / Re: Personal render farm that is not local
« on: 2021-03-22, 15:22:30 »
Since nobody else has offered an answer, here's a vague idea...

In essence if you can setup your different 'work from home' machines as a remote network over the internet (e.g. using a VPN or other solution), then you could add another machine locally to one of your homes and that would become your networked render farm machine. If the network is setup right, it would work the same as locally and in theory would just need pointing at the right IP addresses, using Backburner / Deadline / other render manager.

For setting up the remote network, Google might be your best place to start!

Without seeing your Volume Material setup (you may have already done this, but I assume not) - but you need to change the 'Volume mapping' mode to 'Inside Volume' - it won't do anything with Surface, as there isn't a surface to map the fog onto.

Think that's your fix, but without a screenshot of your setup I can't be certain!

General CG Discussion / Re: DOF in Post - DOF Pro
« on: 2021-02-01, 16:56:58 »
I've never had great success recreating DOF in Photoshop, but there are many more plugins available for After Effects or Fusion.

The added bonus being that it's also easier to animate the effect directly in those apps too - the below was created in Fusion, it's by far from perfect, but it was quite effective in the scheme of the whole animation (created from a single still image)...

Edit: not sure if that gif loads properly here, doesn't for me... but if you right click and open the source image you can see


1 - The general advice seems to be Noctua NH-U14S, but how many other case fans to people generally fit?
2 - 64GB of memory @ 3200Mhz - does it make any difference between 2x32 or 4x16 (with 8 slots, still have spare for the future)... I also have no idea on CL... 16? 18? Do timings make much difference for rendering?

Just to update on this one - after some further reading, I went for 4x16 3200 CL16.

The CPU and motherboard came to just over £1000 which seems like an absolute bargain for a 3970x (plus around £500 for other bits).
All now built, and seems to be doing the job nicely so far. Not 100% sure on good CPU temps, but have space in the case for an extra fan or two if needed!

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