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Gallery / Minimalist, cozy and bright office space
« on: 2018-11-23, 19:33:49 »
Hello good people!

Here is our visualization for the office space to be located somewhere in Vilnius, Lithuania.

And of course you are welcome to visit our Facebook and Behance pages:

Hello there,

I guess I'm not the only one who's expecting some discounts this year too, will there be any tho? So far the devs are quiet about this, when pretty much all the others has already announced their deals.


Basically the topic speaks for itself, but just to be clear- is there a way to copy-paste render elements to another scene? Scenes are identical, just that one of them is already set up with render elements and another is not.

Hello everyone,

We are a boutique studio based in Lithuania and our name is Faktor.
We are a team of two and we joined our forces a few months ago to further improve our skills that help us to deliver quality work. 
If you're a freelancer or a studio and you need some help because of heavy workload or too tight deadlines, we can offer you an extra hand when needed.
We're looking for long-term relationship and are also open for discussion.

If you're interested please contact us here:


Thank You & have a good day.

Gallery / Apartment in the old town of Vilnius
« on: 2018-06-27, 10:50:53 »

Here's another one of my recent works :)
This one was looking promising straight from the beginning, since the design and the layout of an apartment itself was kinda unique (well, at least compared to my recent projects).
Overall I am quite happy with the result although I could've used just a little bit more time.



Gallery / Kinda Blu & Kinda Yello
« on: 2018-05-09, 15:47:57 »
So my daily routine is all about archviz. But sometimes I love to freshen my mind and create my own furniture design or to replicate someone's else in 3D. This is an example of the latter.
Design concept borrowed from the holy grail of Pinterest. Don't know the name of the cabinet nor the creator/designer, sorry.

My Behance page-

Oh and by the way, me and my colleague freshly started our own little archviz studio, do not hesitate and visit us @


Kinda Blu

Kinda Yello

Gallery / Sideboard Product-Viz
« on: 2018-03-02, 10:37:18 »
Hey there!
So I came across this beautiful sideboard on the internet and my first thought was I have to do this one in 3D :)
It was a great practice and a good fun at the same time.

Meet "Oba |" by

Gallery / When archviz meets robots
« on: 2018-02-23, 17:44:32 »
So I got carried away a little when doing this archviz project..
And this is what came out.
Meet the curious robot!
Since this was too much fun I'm already thinking of doing some more of this :)

For some time now I had a feeling that some of the reflections looked too strong looking at an angle.
You can see in my example attached there is two materials (black is sRGB 50 and white is sRGB 218. Both set at reflection level 1 / reflection color 255 / Refl.Rough. 0.5 / PBR mode on.
Now looking straight at a black cube it looks totally matte, yet it still reflects so much of the white on the side. It just doesn't feel right to me. IMO such a matte looking material shouldn't reflect that much.
Am I missing something here?

Also, do you guys all use PBR mode now and don't touch reflection level and reflection color settings at all?


[C4D] General Discussion / Bump mapping looking weird
« on: 2017-10-09, 18:52:05 »
Hey guys!

Trying out corona for the first time and I ran into this issue (image attached) with bump mapping.
I imagine I should get this kind of look if it was set to UVW mapping and UV maps were wrong (although mapping is set to cubic).

So what is the problem here?


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