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Hardware / Personal render farm that is not local
« on: 2021-03-07, 19:32:05 »

How would one setup a mini "render farm" so few people can access/use it while not being in the same (local) network? Anyone can direct me the right way?
Basically we're a team of few, everyone working from home. And we would like to have our own/shared render farm (even if it's only one pc).
Thank you.

[Max] I need help! / Ornatrix issues
« on: 2020-05-26, 09:48:36 »

I'm having a few issues setting up ornatrix. Wondering if that's me who's doing something wrong or what.

Problem number 1:
I am getting this error message once I hit render IF Hair From Guides modifier is applied. Sometimes it just crashes Max and sometimes I'm able to click continue, but usually it crashes later on anyways.

Problem number 2:
Color from base mesh/object not working (using bitmap). Although it should work straight out of the box as far as I know, since it should be the default setting. What's interesting you can see in viewport it's actually working as intended (hair's getting color from base mesh), but in IR it's not. The only way to make it work I found is applying Mesh From Strands modifier and un-ticking "Per Strand UV coords". But IMO it's just a workaround.

Any thoughts?

Thank You.

So I'm baking this displacement map of the tiles in substance designer, but I notice quite a big visual difference between the two types of displacement when rendered in Corona (3DS Max).

Why is that? Or is this supposed to be like this?

Old disp:

New disp:


Gallery / Sink and mixer set by Antonio Lupi
« on: 2020-01-18, 14:11:49 »

Here's a few renders of the set:

Hopefully you enjoyed those :)

More can be found here:

Or here:

Thank You and have a good day.


Topic name says it all basically. You can see what's going on in the screenshot above.

It looks like it has something to do with UVW's stretching (I might be wrong), but if I want to get correct aniso effect I got to keep uvw straight.

Any thoughts/ideas how to get it fixed?

Aniso set to 1.0 just to exaggerate the effect. On lower levels it is not as obvious.

Gallery / SJUKRAHOTEL In Iceland
« on: 2019-11-08, 17:50:18 »

Closest I got so far is this:

But might as well be I'm using totally wrong controller here. If so, what controller should be actually used? Otherwise, you can see numbers in Tri node and controller do not correspond at all, which suggests me some kind of formula/equation should be used in between these two nodes? If so, how can I insert a formula here? And what does that formula look like?

Thank You.


So now, when rendering multiple images my workflow looks like this:

1. Setup all the cameras.
2. Setup lightmix and post process settings for every camera + save those setup files somewhere on hdd.
3. Setup Batch Rendering.
4. Batch render and save as .CXRs
5. Open each cxr file one by one, load lightmix and postprocess setting files in CIE.
6. Export as JPGs (usually).

And now I wish I could bypass some of the steps and save tons of space in HDD. What if I decide I won't do any PP and I need to export as JPGs straight from Max? But ALSO use benefits of both batch render and lightmix.
For this to work, lightmix setup file should be loaded BEFORE start of rendering for each camera. OR cameras should have independent settings for lightmix, just like now they have independent settings for post process.

Or am I missing something very obvious here? If not, this should probably be a feature request.



So my goal is this:

Which is two objects with the same triplanar mtl (set on local) applied, however you can notice pattern goes vertically on vertical part, and horizontally on the horizontal (exactly how I want it to go).

BUT, before doing a whole series of actions it looked like this:

And now to get to my goal the only way I found out (so far) is these series of actions (6 of them to be exact):

Add Xform modifier

Select gizmo

Rotate gizmo

Rotate part back to it's place

Activate affect pivot only

Roate back(fix) pivot rotation

And so now finally we have what we want. But this workflow is far from being efficient IMO.
I tried uvw box mapping as well, but that too depends on local axis so it's basically the same problem. UNLESS you break the link(instance) between the two uvw maps (which I don't want to do) and rotate them separately.

Anyone has any suggestions on this?



After doing these tests it looks to me that object's "local" axis and "pivot point axis (or direction)" is two totally different things, or..? Because if it were the same, rotating object's pivot point should change object's local axis too, which in result should change the direction of triplanar mtl. But in this case rotating pivot point does nothing.
So I guess we should first start from clarifying what exactly IS local axis and how does it correlate (or does not) with pivot point axis.

Gallery / Get well lit.
« on: 2019-08-19, 14:51:47 »

Here's our representation of Filter Table Lamp (made by in 3D.

Few related links at first:

Now to the good stuff:

Hope you enjoyed it!

Gallery / For those about to rock.
« on: 2019-08-14, 19:51:37 »
Evening, guys!

Sharing my latest attempt at product viz, you be the judge :)


Our website: 

Our FB page:

Done with 3DS Max+Corona.

[Max] I need help! / Weird shading with anisotropy on
« on: 2019-08-11, 18:40:14 »
Hey guys,

Any idea what is happening here? It seems this shading error occurs when anisotropy mtl is used on bent geometry. It wouldn't be such a surprise (probably) if this was happening on very heavily bent surface, but the rocking chair's frame isn't bent that hard.

Chair's frame

Frame + test geo

Test geo flat


Gallery / West Elm Slope Lounge Chair
« on: 2019-01-31, 17:52:37 »
Recreation (from modeling to PP) of west elm lounge chair. Based on a real photo.





Is it somehow possible in (3DS Max here) to clamp texture output to a specific value (globally)?
Let's say there is a grey scale dirt/grunge map, and I want to clamp it's output value to a max of 0.9 (which converts to srgb 230). And, if let's say, that exact texture doesn't reach that value anyways, it wouldn't be affected at all. It only should be affected IF it exceeds that value of 0.9 or srgb 230. How do I do that? Of course everyone's first thought comes to 'Output' node, but the thing is, that node works "locally" if that makes any sense, so the texture will be clamped to 0.9 of it's CURRENT max value, and not the global value of 255 or 1.0
I hope I was clear enough :)

[Max] I need help! / Glass moulding
« on: 2018-12-06, 15:27:13 »

What approach would be the best to achieve something like this? (we're talking sheet of glass here)

What looks like a sheet of glass with tinted bubble of glass inside, and that tinted bubble of glass has an air bubble in itself. Wondering about both modeling and texturing parts.

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