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Thanks - I've sent the project file.

As a side note - when I re-installed B1 it seems that it didn't overwrite the latest build in R20 (presumably as there was no R20 plugin in B1). So by accident my wish has come true, and I'm running different Corona builds simultaneously after all!

Oh, latest build is the image on the right FYI.

Hi, I'd set up some files in B1 (mac). When I've gone to make some adjustments to them using the latest build and r20 it renders very differently.
There's a screengrab attached of the same file rendered in r19 B1 and r20 latest build.

It has a coloured pattern in the reflection slot - it seems to be reacting differently perhaps?

As a side note, it would be useful to run different builds of corona simultaneously (ie r19 with B1 for stability, plus r20 running the latest build for testing. Rather than having the installer overwrite all versions).

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: r20 support
« on: 2018-09-06, 21:43:49 »
New daily download is working with r20.
Thanks for the quick update!

[C4D] General Discussion / r20 support
« on: 2018-09-04, 11:07:11 »
Hi  - just wondering when C4D r20 will be supported. I guess quite a few people are upgrading this week.

There is a problem with displacement and material stacking in corona at the minute.
But in your case could you not solve the tiling problem by using Set Selection to make a poly selection of the area where you want to apply the label - then only apply the displaced material to that part?

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Soft Studio Lighting
« on: 2018-06-06, 13:28:25 »
I don't see a problem with replicating this scene. Helpfully, you can see the lighting setup reflected in the bubbles.

If you need to keep an area artificially bright (like the back wall) try adding self illumination into the material  - but turn off seen by gi in the editor slot so it doesn't start to light the scene.

Mac OSX 10.13. Error occurs in Corona B1 and latest B2.
I'm trying to make a stacked material. The 'bottom' material has displacement and the 'top' had the main material.

If the displaced material is on top, it is mapped correctly (using flat projection, no tiling, front only). As soon as you move it to the bottom (which is necessary for the displacement to work in the hierarchy), the mapping jumps to a totally different place.

Hopefully the screengrab illustrates this better than my wording!

[C4D] General Discussion / Quickly output to layered sRGB?
« on: 2018-03-23, 09:37:37 »
Normally its fine to output my renders with multi-passes to 32bit linear. But frequently when I'm doing look-dev & testing work, it would be easier to output directly to 8bit sRGB (or indeed 16bit aRGB) psd's.

Is it possible to do this from the pictureviewer?

Whenever i try, it defaults to linear colourspace which is not good for what I want (the multi-pass layers are just simple object buffer masks).

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Tiled Camera and Backplate
« on: 2018-01-25, 16:11:14 »
I presume it work if you used render region instead of camera tiling?

I signed up at last week. They say they now support Corona Beta 1 RC 1.
(I haven't tried it yet though)

If you have an Adobe subscription you can use their portfolio app (it was previously the behance pro portfolio). Its simple to use , looks good, and can easily be password protected.

Hi, I posted about this in the general thread, but it's worth repeating here:

There is disparity between the Cinema4d picture viewer and final render, where the final rendered image is more 'washed-out' in all formats/bitdepths.

Yep the other renderers are fine. Will post a note in the bugs section too.

Oh dear... I though it may end up like this ;) Thanks for the reply.

It's still a problem which I think needs solving though. The disparity between the Cinema4d picture viewer and final render especially.

Here's some general information in case its useful:
My work is always stills - for web and print output. And Photoshop is used for all post/processing.
While I sometimes keep an aRGB 16bit master, the delivery format is almost always 8bit sRGB.
From Corona saving out all formats and bit depths result in the more muted colours. (See attached)
Photoshop is better than it used to be at opening exr files - but it won't be able to see the contained passes - so really I need to save out layered psd of tif.
My monitor is calibrated with a Spyder

I just think there must be a more reliable way of matching outputs - even if it involves an extra conversion after opening in PS.

Interesting video BTW. Although oddly I found the 'filmic' outputs looked less 'real' than the old versions.

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