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[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona pop-out Error
« on: 2022-05-08, 09:58:34 »
Wasn't critical - but I too have had his pop up. Its a little disturbing!
 C4D R20, Mac. Corona 8

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Normal Maps in V8 RC5
« on: 2022-05-06, 10:03:38 »
Looks like the classic 'Invert Y' issue. Maybe the tick-box got unticked after the update?

Speaking of which - it would be really good if Corona Devs could clarify when the Normal maps needs to have the colours flipped? Ie say which colour needs to point up, and although there are not often options - is it the GX or DL model that Corona prefers?

I think if using GL model with Cyan up then you need to Flip Y. Is this correct?

Nost of the time I just guess :)

Surprised this is still not implementented

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: v8 Release
« on: 2022-04-14, 11:58:37 »
Hi TomG - I know you dont have control over this - but thought you may have an inside track - so I'll ask anyway... 

Do you know how quickly renderfarms will start supporting V8? Do they normally wait for the first hotfix or start straightaway?

I'd love to start using V8 - it has some great new tools - but I'm working on a project that will need renderfarm support in the next two weeks.

Just to chime in - i've done quite a few projects with droplets on shiny surfaces in Corona - and I've frequently found them too dark when I'm using caustics.
I normally make sure I have the water element as a mask so I can adjust them in post.

How much of this is a defficiency in corona vs my preception not matching reality I'm not sure. But there is an example attached.... my gut feeling is that I need something inbetween.

There is a lot of hype over ACES. But in reality people just want the image to look nice. Corona tonemapping already does a good job at this.
More complicated colour management workflows will simply produce problems IMHO. And likely worse/badly setup images half the time.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona Renderer IR is wrong
« on: 2022-03-31, 09:47:44 »
Just teststed in (Mac R20).
Viewport rendering did indeed show it flat. Then I used the corona IRR and that showed the box in its correct folded state.

Weirdly when i switched back to viewport rendering that was now showing correctly too.

I deleted the materials and it went back to being flat again.

So yeah, something is not refresing as it should.

As noted in the blog post, the pricing was set when we were brand new as a company, and we did not get everything right at the time, and one of the most major parts of that was underpricing render nodes. Because users who have been with us to date have "got used" to that pricing, we are keeping the pricing the same for those who have existing subscriptions and keep those going; but we do have to correct the pricing structure for those who join us going forward.

Scatter was originally going to be a separate paid product :) So that process actually went the other way, now it is integrated in your pricing. So no reason why you would see that be reversed in the future.

Do I understand that it will continue as 3 nodes for current subscribers then?
I understand charging for more than 2 nodes i suppose. But many independent artists like myself have a dual-machine setup and its become quite normal to work on one and render on the other. It doesnt really feel like we're using it as a render farm. It feels quite necessary these days.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: highlights control
« on: 2022-03-28, 08:03:53 »
Should definitely be there by default IMHO.

Yeah - on a side note for the corona devs. I guess they should import with linear as the default setting. Tweaking some small but repetitive things like this would be a geat help.

As I understand it. RGB diffuse maps can be set to be embedded. Anything 'structural' (normal, rougness, displacement etc) should always be set to linear.
I think it should be the same wherever you get your materials from - not just substance

For prioritization, we do give priority to "things everyone will have" - when it comes to paid third party plugins, clearly only a subset of users (and usually a fairly small subset) will have those. So while adding support for them is nice to do and is under consideration (particles rendering support is on the roadmap for consideration already,, as an example), we do know that it would benefit a smaller number of users than, say, adding Scatter, or Cosmos, or Decals, or Slicer, or new tone mapping, which all benefit "everyone" since every user will have access to them.


I think pretty much everyone agrees that this is a good approach. I'm very happy with the new tools in v8 and can imagine using them on most projects. Unlike particle sims (nice tho they would be). In everyday use, things like the clunky Chaos licencing server are much more likely to give me headaches  ;)

I had a project a year or so which had a some mountains and a big lake. I thought I knew how it should look - and the software gave me an image that I expected (intense reflection at the far edge).

The real life photos the client sent back made me re-evaluate this. In many cases the strong reflected colour simply wasnt there.

The real-world water seemed to be breaking up the strong fresnel effect with a combination of absorbtion and the 'choppiness' scattering the light.

I think none of us are modelling at real world scales/depths for the lakes and oceans. So I'm not sure how 'incorrect' Corona is. Or if out models are naturally too simplistic to replicate these real-world effects.

It's not a problem with Corona's sky model IMHO.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Uninstall and roll back to V7
« on: 2022-03-18, 09:24:30 »
No need to uninstall anything.
Easiest is to "Unpack" Corona installer and then use/swap plugins when needed.

Just tested it now and it works fine. (for I was worried new License server could cause issues)

Ah - interesting. I'm giving the same technique a try. Despite it being potentially problematic swapping back to V7, I haven't had any problems on the files I've testd so far.

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