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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Volumetric FOG
« on: 2016-02-28, 16:00:19 »
I dont think IT s useless at all ..

ALSO I WAS DOING SOMETHING REALLY WRONG ! Putting the absorption color to full 255 white disables the fog totally ! :P


[Max] General Discussion / Re: Volumetric FOG
« on: 2016-02-28, 15:36:03 »
I am getting results same as MR. SairesARt .. im not doing anything wrong .. i m just saying that vray results are much better :P much like how i need the fog to be .. In corona i m having hard times getting the result i want :P

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Volumetric FOG
« on: 2016-02-28, 11:21:40 »

I believe i clearly mentionned in my initial post that i have an exterior scene.. Also the vray video shows an exterior scene, while your scene is an interior one .. Also, to achieve your result u needed to have a really dark scene and high contrast, while on the vray scene it s not that dark, and about no contrast at all ..

I did what u mentionned about the single bounce only .. and i ve done everything correctly i believe .. i have 1 sun .. the sun is somehow in front of my camera to acheive a strong effect (while in vray it doesnt need to be in front of the camera) .. i did everything like they did in the tutors .. but i dont like the effect they are getting in the tutorial .. i certainly dont like the effect im getting too ..

I started this thread in the hope that maybe in the future releases the volumetric fog thingy might get better ..

thank you

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Volumetric FOG
« on: 2016-02-28, 10:51:37 »
Hello my friend,

Getting this kind of fog in Corona is really hard.. Also it only happens in some particular situations. On the other hand, fog in vray is easy and not complicated at all .. I m not concerned about the realistic look of it .. i want a more exaggerated effect like the one in the vray video i posted above .. I tried for hours and hours and more than once and more than 1 scene to replicate this effect but i couldnt at all .. not even near it ..

Hope u understand me my friend .. and maybe u can point out to a tutor that shows how to get this same effect with vray ..

Thank you

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Volumetric FOG
« on: 2016-02-28, 10:02:32 »
Check the result in this video

[Max] General Discussion / Volumetric FOG
« on: 2016-02-28, 08:03:31 »

Corona volumetric fog sucks .. Here i said it :P sorry .. it really sucks .. I watched the corona tutorials, read a lot of threads still dont get any near the results im looking forward to .. i have a large exterior scene .. and it was so simple and easy in vray, but so hard and awful in corona..

I hope it does get updated in the upcoming version...

Thank you

[Max] I need help! / Re: toooo long parsing time
« on: 2016-02-25, 09:16:15 »
BTW i disabled FTH completely and im not getting long parsing times anymore .. although im always getting the low ram warning while rendering ..

[Max] I need help! / Re: toooo long parsing time
« on: 2016-02-25, 08:31:00 »
okay .. I am convinced i need more rams for this scene .. i have 16 GB of DDR3 1600 mhz rams ..

Also i have a 1 TB high performance SSD .. and a lot of USB3 removable flash disks .. The thing is .. Is there a way to let corona benefit from the pagefile ? of even to benefit from turboboost feature of windows ?

thank you

[Max] I need help! / Re: toooo long parsing time
« on: 2016-02-22, 09:08:23 »
Yes i am scattering trees.. Also after restarting my computer it worked .. it s a ram deficiency problem :)

All my scattered objects are converted to corona proxies ..  They are mainly plants, trees, flowers, grass without animations ..

Sometimes im having long time to parse the scene, sometimes it just works ..

thank you everyone

[Max] I need help! / Re: toooo long parsing time
« on: 2016-02-21, 10:44:13 »
nope they are not

[Max] I need help! / toooo long parsing time
« on: 2016-02-21, 09:51:30 »

I used two vertex paint modifiers on the same plane for 2 different corona scatter objects .. i am getting a too long parsing time .. rendering is not starting not even after 20 min of waiting,,

any ideas ?


[Archive] Corona Scatter 2.0 / Re: CS in CS
« on: 2016-02-17, 15:39:19 »
Scatter in scatter? Sounds like perfect recipe for disaster :]
As for camer frustum culling, you can try this little trick:,9728.msg62865.html#msg62865

hello, yeah i ve seen this already :) But i am already using the density map slot :(
I only had the idea of Scatter in scatter becuz it s working like a charm in other scatterers .. so why not implemented in coronascatter .. thanks for you reply though ..

[Archive] Corona Scatter 2.0 / CS in CS
« on: 2016-02-17, 11:24:16 »
Hello Corona renderers,

I m trying to scatter grass on a huge plane, and the scatter count is so high that corona is not rendering anymore.
In that case, while using forestpack pro we used to scatter objects on a smaller plane multiple times, then use these scatter objects as objects on the main huge plane.
This method is not working with corona scatter. Can i put a coronascatter object in another coronascatter object ? If not, maybe this can be your next feature ..
Also, if coronascatter had a camera limit visibility feature, i wouldnt need this method at all then...

Thank you

[Max] I need help! / Re: Vray to corona convert
« on: 2016-02-10, 17:01:45 »
Hello captain,

Sorry but translucency is set to 0.0 :P and set to white .. i tried setting it to black = same rendering .. should i upload the model and the maps here ? also do u need both the vray and corona files ?

[Max] I need help! / Vray to corona convert
« on: 2016-02-10, 16:20:21 »

I started using Corona only a month ago. Impressed by how fast and simple it is, also how stable and consistent.

I ve been using vray for quite some years though and i managed to create my own huge library of models and scenes.

A month ago i had a really complex scene, in which using both vray or vray-rt was really frustrating. Im not gonna tell the story of my life now but i really felt like vray sucked and started looking to other render engines and voila i met corona ...

As i started working with corona, i wanted to be able to use my vray  library fast and easy: i mean if i imported a vray model with vray materials, converted the scene to corona using the corona converter, i expected to get the exact same result when rendering as i used to have with vray. And for most cases it worked. Other cases it didnt. No problem, i am not that noob :P it s easy to go to the material editor and  fine tune a material or two and voila :)

So 2 days ago, i wanted to add a palm tree to a scene im working on for a client. Imported the tree, converted it to corona materials, clicked render .. Different results from vray. Okay i went to the material editor and sincerely couldnt know what was wrong with it. I thought it s maybe because vray materials has the option to use the same material on two sides, so i added a coronafrontbackmap and used the same diffuse map for both sides but it didnt workout.

I had to do that project using vray just for the sake of the tree :D anyways it wasnt a complex scene that needed me to use corona (because corona is faster i am mainly using it for interior night scenes :P ) I am an architect btw, so i m not neither a noob nor a professional CG guy.

Now i wanted to send u the pictures of both trees rendered with corona and vray, maybe someone could point out what are the solutions to this :( It would help me in my future projects .. thank you all and sorry i know my english is not perfect :P

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