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It has happend in multiple scenes of diferent sizes. Step 1 i render the image after some material changes or something else. step 2 i stop the render. step 3 i adjust the lighting step 4 i render the image again. step 5 the render stops at parsing scene.

Ive narrowed this down to a single set of actions.
I Render my scene, its too bright so i go and adjust my lights. When i re-render it sticks on parsing the scene. I just tried to dump out the process but it caused an unexpected reboot. This seems like a pretty big problem...

Yeah i used process explorer. I wasnt aware of the mini dump. Is that a seperate function or is it created at the same time as the process dump?

No theyre all standard or corona materials. Ive switched to the old school browser and it doesnt happen. Im pretty sure its something to do with the process of rendering the tiny previews you get in the new browser.

Hi 2014 with all service packs. ill soon be migrating to 2015. I Just tried to dump the process but it completely locked my computer and i had to hard reset.

Its max design if that makes any difference

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Material/Map browser Renders issues
« on: 2015-03-16, 12:42:12 »
Hi, ive noticed that since the Latest version was released (this didnt happen in A7) the material/map browser window where you select your map type crashes and takes up to ten minutes to load if you have a custom matlib loaded. the preview renders dont appear and any clicking will instantly crash max with a not responding white screen thing.

The max dump is over 2gb so i can send it if needed if there is an upload box?

Oh ok ill give that a go next time it crashes :)

Yeah checking the cpu load and ram useage it has just frozen the ram and the cpu load is <1% so its a complete freeze. are there known issues with multiple lights in a scene? i have about 26 lights in the scene at the moment.

It doesnt bring up a max crash dialog unfortunately. it just stops responding completely. the only way to exit it is to end the process.

Rendering at 1920x1200, i have 32gb of memory in my machine so i doubt its running out.
The scene is very basic. its a counter layout for a shop and it has less than 100k polys. It sometimes renders fine, ive had many renders from the scene, other times it completely crashes. It says parsing the scene but the progress bar stays at 0.

Just a freeze, no errors or close i've left it for over an hour before and its definitely stuck and not just being slow.

No error message and no displacement either :/

try setting your file output gamma to 1.0 by typing fileoutgamma=1.0 into the maxscript listener.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / 3ds max crash when 'Parsing the scene'
« on: 2015-03-10, 16:50:08 »
Ive had max crash twice today on two seperate files when reaching the 'Parsing the scene' rendering stage when using corona. Small scenes. It just does nothing and im forced to crash out max.
I cannot send the files as they are work files and are confidential but surely its a renderer issue and not a file issue if it has occurred on two completely different files?

P.S. I Also note that this version is noticeably slower than the A7 release

[Max] I need help! / White render?
« on: 2015-02-14, 23:25:23 »
So ive been rendering stills from a scene all day and theyve been fine, I rendered the final image from one camera position and its perfect. i moved the camera to face the opposite way and its rendering completely white as if i have a huge bright light in my scene. i havent added anything i literally rotated the camera and now its rendering far too brightly. Any idea what could cause this?

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