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Can you send me please the file with what you modified please?
**Edit: Hmm as I understand it worked in 3ds max 2021 and not in 2022?**

I didn't change anything in your scene, just assigned materials and pressed render.
And yes, it was Max 2021.3, Corona7 RC7

You are welcome!

No problem.

This is what I've got. Is it correct result?

Max 2021.3 Corona7 RC7

Edit: just noticed that your renders from Arnold are the same :)


I am using 3ds max 2022.1 and Corona 7 (RC 7)

Ok, but I have Max 2021.3 and can't open your scene. Please, save it as Max 2021 and I'll test it

Max 2021.3
OSL Shapes works fine with any renderer/material
OSL Triangles doesn't work with any renderer/material. Actually UVW-mapping doesn't work at all on rendered pictures, in viewport everything looks fine.


I have had the same kind of problem. In my case it was connected with the Custom Sample Object which I created using Vray. So Max was crashing every time Corona tried to make material preview of those materials whose Sample object was changed to the custom one.

Hello Bormax, we tried to make some changes in the Corona Converter code to create simpler shading networks when converting VRay2SidedMtl. These changes are included in Corona Converter which is shipping with Corona Renderer 7 RC6. Please let us know whether the shading networks created during conversion now look as expected or whether there is still some room for improvement.

Thank you!
RC7- now the shader tree looks much simpler and reasonable. No more unnecessary Mix maps - that's good :)! (Converter7_vray-corona_mat-structure_RC7.jpg) and rendered result is visually the same as it was with RC5 and close to original look of the shaders (Converter7_vray_original-converted_mat-RC5-7.jpg)
This time material structure is much cleaner for further work with it which is great, now I understand how almost all maps were converted in order to use all aspects of Vray 2sided material within single Corona Physical material using FrontBack maps (Converter7_vray-corona_mat-structure_RC7-1.jpg), but:
1. could you explain, please, the meaning of use maps in Vol. adsorption and Vol. scattering of leaf material and why the map which was used in Vray material to map translucency (Map #11) is used here, not in translucency slot of Corona Physical material (Converter7_vray-corona_mat-structure_RC7-3.jpg)?
2. Why IOR parameter of the trunk material is mapped with some Mix map? Is it the way to imitate mapped reflection parameter of Vray material (Converter7_vray-corona_mat-structure_RC7-4.jpg)? And would be interesting to know about the usage of CoronaColor map with applied Solid HDR color higher than 1 in IOR mapping, like IoR map from this example has.

Also would be interesting to hear what do you think about the way of conversion of Vray 2 sided material which I used in my experience. I used two Corona materials plugged in to Corona Layer material with Corona FrontBack map used as mask. Here is a very quick example of this kind of conversion (Converter7_converted_mat_RC7-layerd_2sided_mat_strc.jpg). Material structure is pretty simple, render results you can see also here (Converter7_vray_original-converted_mat-RC7-layered_mat.jpg and Converter7_converted_mat_RC7-layerd_2sided_mat.jpg)


Thanks, Proh, Lupaz & Frood for clearing this up. I understand now much better what you actually want. So, I have logged this as a feature request to the team and looking forward to being implemented soon.


(Report ID=CRMAX-738)

Thank you Avi.
And thank you Proh, Lupaz & Frood for support and clarification :)



Again the same tree test. Thanks, this time render result is closer to original, but the shader structure is still messy. Sorry, but I can't see the logic in this Mix map chaos, even simple opacity map from original material became two mix maps (original bitmap + CoronaColor?) plugged in to Front/Back map. Actually all simple bitmaps are converted to Mix maps - original bitmap + CoronaColor with no affect of CoronaColor map in those mixes... This structure is very difficult to handle which makes it not usable for further adjustments. It's easier to remake the shader manually from original material, than to handle this mess.

The test scene was uploaded some time ago -


Confirm, RC5+FP6 is crashing Max. RC4+FP6 worked fine for me. RC+FP7 works well

MAX 2021.3

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Problem with Reflection override
« on: 2021-06-25, 21:46:11 »
Oh yes, this problem is here for a long time already...
For my exterior scenes I found solution to use JPG format pictures to override reflections.
(The post from 2017, there you can find some examples and comparison)
It could work for some scenes, hope it could be solution for your scenes too.

[Max] I need help! / Re: proxy parsing times
« on: 2021-06-25, 21:27:39 »

The scene is setup with animated sun so that in each frame i have different sun positions for different cameras.
Everything works ok until vegetation proxys are added in scene. Parsing times are around 2 seconds on frame 0 but as soon as I change to any other frame parsing time jumps to 30 seconds or more depending on total number of different proxies.

Hello Marijan
I used to have the same workflow using animated sun and I've faced the same problem connected with proxies as you did. I've reported about this issue in 2017
but unfortunately this problem is not solved still...

Lucky me - I don't work on animation, so I just change my workflow a bit and don't use animated sun anymore (sad...), but I suppose the ones who have to work on animation are suffering really much of this problem. Actually it's not clear for me why this problem somehow forgotten during pretty long time

Anyway, in my old post there is a script published by iancamarillo which disables animation from all selected proxies. Maybe it could help you

Hi again!
Corona7 DB 2021-04-21. IR is still working very laggy with Forest Pack 7. With ForestPackPro711 it works a bit better than with ForestPackPro706, but it is still makes IR not usable in scenes with grass and trees scattered with FP. With FP6 in the same scenes IR works fine and smooth.

Here is simplified example - piece of ground surface with boxes scattered the same way as I scatter grass patches. With FP 7 any change such as Sun position or panning in rendered window makes Max to hang for 7-20 seconds before IR's picture is getting updated. With FP6 - no any such kind of hanging, picture is updating immediately.

Max 2021.3, Corona7 DB 2021-04-21

I've tried to use FP7 with the Corona7 RC1,2 and have to say that IR works better with it now. Testing scene which I attached earlier ( works pretty smooth, but the real working scenes with a lot of FR objects work still a bit  laggy, much smoother than it was in April, but worse than with FP6

Sure, we will check the scene, thank you!
And just to explain what I mean, I am attaching a screenshot showing the huge differences in lighting. Or the materials are just very, very different.

Thanks Maru.

But the difference in areas marked by you on pictures unfortunately is matter of texture conversion too. Here is the same Vray scene picture and the only difference here is RGB level parameter of trunk diffuse map - it's raised to 4. As you can see shadows look about the same because they are just more noticeable now.
Next question is about Converter - why converted scene looks so different? (I know, the original Vray picture looks not really nice, but it's not about the beauty of this image :))


I have some notes regarding your comparisons:
- they actually look similar (but if it could be even better - we are definitely interested in improving)
- you are comparing two scenes with completely different lighting - there are strong reflections visible on the leaves in the Corona version, but also the overall lighting is different - for example you can see the effect of sunlight on the branches too in the Corona version, but in the V-Ray version there is uniform illumination coming only from the sky - the branches are much darker)
- V-Ray 3.7 is a very old version, I am not sure if we can do proper conversion from it

If you can send this problematic scene to us, that would be perfect.

Actually scenes are the same, lighting in both scenes are Corona/Vray Sun + Sky in the same position with intensity set to 1.
New pictures are the original Vray scene and the same scene converted by Corona 7 RC2
I've uploaded Vray scene, so you can try it


Bormax I tried to convert the scene you sent us using Corona Converter shipping with Corona Renderer V7 RC1 and the shading network generated during conversion is simpler. In case of this scene, I noticed that there is still a problem with some duplicate nodes being generated during the conversion, which is caused by known bug in one MAXScript function (on 3ds Max side), we are aware of and already trying to fix, however this should have no negative impact on the visual result.

Thanks for your affords, material tree looks better now. But I've got pretty different visual results comparing pictures with original materials rendered by Vray3.7 and converted ones rendered by Corona Renderer V7 RC1.

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