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[Max] General Discussion / Re: exr problem 16bit clamped
« on: 2018-10-05, 16:28:47 »
yes, TomG, my exr do not have all dynamic range i needed, i also use EXR-IO.

@Juraj yes i used highlight compression .. i will chek if this is the problem

[Max] General Discussion / exr problem 16bit clamped
« on: 2018-10-05, 15:31:46 »
hi everybody
lately I have this problem.
i saved my render in exr, half format , 16 bit and the highlights results clamped like example.
i have attached exr file, there is something wrong?
thank you in advanced

General CG Discussion / Re: Toon / painterly shader
« on: 2018-10-03, 14:21:29 »
You can also try a free tool called Fotosketcher:

interesting, i will try it.

General CG Discussion / Re: Toon / painterly shader
« on: 2018-10-01, 09:47:20 »
Nice, but all you have to do now is enable AI denoiser and run a single pass ;)

Haha nice trick XD

General CG Discussion / Toon / painterly shader
« on: 2018-09-26, 15:19:11 »
Interesting Case Study for non Non Photoreal Rendering.

maybe a star of point for a future shader? XD

If you reduce\disable reflection you will see  similar what you  want. So reflection at glass is interfere to see color. Maybe you should try to make painted glass as deiiferent  material with  less reflection  with less reflection and  miltimap color with multisub but reflection is the same, don't know why it's so different.
I find what FOV of camera also slightly change that effect

Sometime i see strange behavior at reflection if i change glossiness to 0.99 render is very different like i change IOR at refraction.

By the way some of your reference image  is cg from 3d model market so they can be fake, and some of them have visible gap

yes, as I said in the previous post i separate the object in 3 parts for have more control of all these aspects, differente reflection refraction for each part i did some test and this is result.

after few test this is my result.
for have more control to all parts (blue glass, glass amber, glass clear) i have duplicate colored face and i gave them a thickness and set different materials.

I see. If you plug multimap into refraction slot instead of absorbtion, then you should get much closer look to the actual photo. I guess that means that it's a some coat on the glass instead of glass itself being colored. When you think of it, it seems logical - glass probably can't have different absorption properties if you look at it from the other side.
very good reasoning, i try this way.
thank you  romullus :)
i will post my progress

thank you for reply, i confirm the modeling are correct, in this photo you can see the vase have two cavity. i saw the vase i real life.

For me your render have same problem than mine, in the real example there aren't al distortion i found in the render.
in render there are a gap between clear glass and colored glass, in real photo this gap dosen't exist.

this effect is similar to when you tried to put some liquid in a glass.

sure, thank you :)

the model is one with 3 different id, i use a corona multimap on absorpion color for give different color to the parts,

hi romullus, yes i used  corona multimap in a single material.

[Max] I need help! / vase glass absorption effect problem
« on: 2018-07-17, 15:53:22 »
hi everybody.
i tried to reproduce this effect on glass vases, i don't know if i wrong something or if i found a bug,  the model is one with 3 different id, i use a corona multimap on absorpion color for give different color to the parts,

i attached the exemple
my result
and a test with ior refraction set to 1, where absorption effect result correct.

thank you :)


in other scenes all seems work correctly

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