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Gallery / Re: Country House
« on: 2021-05-01, 00:03:47 »
Love the model. R you looking for comments?

General CG Discussion / Models
« on: 2021-04-30, 20:24:52 »
I often get some high-end models only to find that they don't have an identifying image with them. I open them in Connecter and I have to make or drag and drop the image. Does anyone know a brand where I can just store my models and when I search them in connecter they are identifiable via their images?

[Max] General Discussion / PIPELINE
« on: 2021-04-30, 20:18:31 »
Hello Everyone,

I've been using corona for several years for archviz.  My workflow is Revit-3dsmax(+100plugins) -Corona-Photoshop.

I love corona.
I am always interested to know why people prefer it to the alternative archviz pipelines - Octane, Redshift, Unreal, Lumion

I've tried GPU renderers and found them lacking for outdoor scenes - just not worth it, especially now that we have  Threadrippers.
I've tried unreal and it was a pain to bring in assets but that might change.
Lately I've had a lot of ads drop into my inbox for Lumion and I was thinking about giving it a go. What does Corona have that Lumion might not (other than render quality which is slowly progressing and my current asset pipeline.) The product seems to be getting better.
I also ask because I hate 3ds max (though I know I can switch to C4d, I don't want to learn a new software at the moment, though I am interested to know what people think of moving from max to c4d with a revit model)
I have severalof plugins and hours invested in max - but looking at the new lumion images I'm starting to wonder if that pain is worth it for straightforward projects.
I use archviz not only to make a final image but also to test materials. This might sound like a Lumion slam dunk, but Corona IR works great and it's not very useful to test materials in low quality images.

General CG Discussion / Corona Resources
« on: 2021-04-30, 20:06:05 »
Hello Everyone,

I use a few tools/plugins with 3ds MAX for archviz, and I wanted to create a thread attempting an exhaustive list. Please add your own and describe them briefly. I'm also looking to know why you might prefer a tool over that for some reason. There are lots of tools so it's nice to highlight standouts:

Laubwerk Scatter,
Corona Scatter,
Itoo Forest Pack - I use Itoo due to its library and the fact that it's the most complete solution. The UI is not great.

Project Manager:
Project Manager V.X - Not the best UI but it allows batch render - don't use much anymore.
Connecter - Great Drag and drop Capabilities, good pathing, can add materials, as close to a functional manager as I've been able to find - always getting better.

Material Libraries:
Poliigon - Sort of painful to bring in, requires plugin, good library. Substance Mats by Poliigon are amazingly powerful.
Vizpark Material Manager - Nice Omnitiles plugin, Great Walls and Tiles to create non repeating brick textures though wouldn't bother to make new materials.  Busy but powerful Material Manager.
Substance Library - High Quality Materials, Bit of a Pain to bring into Max. Don't know why it can't be drag and drop.
Siger - Organize Collection and great max integration with good materials.  I use this as my material library due to legacy. Would use Connecter instead if I was starting over.
Megascans - Quickly becoming a favorite. Allows me to drag and drop high end materials into my scenes.

RailClone - Too complex to bother using from time to time for archviz. Terrible UI. Max Standard. Can't love.
FloorGenerator + FloorGen 1.2 : Requires both to function. (Or else you can only tile coplanar surfaces,...ugh. ) Most intuitive tiling combo for 3ds max. Includes Varied patterns.
Omintiles: Likely too complex for time to time use. Last resort for extremely complex patterns.

Laubwerk - Amazing for assets more than 2 meters away. Best optimization - drag and drop library.
Megascans - When you just want a drag and drop a hero asset.  Not a huge library.

Pheonix FD - Inside of Max - nuff said.

Asset Sources:
3d Sky
CG Source
Design Connected

Texture Sources: - go to source.

Texture Maker:
PixPlant -  just works.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 3990x vs 3970x
« on: 2021-04-13, 18:31:46 »
Thanks all for the comments!

Would optimizing a 3990x build vs a 3970x build cost 1.5K more due to other board/cooling required + 2.5k for the chip dif. ? I might have underestimated cooling costs for OC the90x vs the 70x. Though it seems I need to LC the 70x anyway. 
My build for the 3970x is around 6.5k - meaning the 3990x would be around 10.5k. (Canadian prices.) 

My main concern for the 3990x is the 2.9 base vs the 3.7 base clock. I have no idea if that matters. Turbo clocks are pretty similar. 

As in, would max be noticeably less sticky (a mild annoyance atm) with the 3970x? I note that some have said that the 3970x would be the sweet spot.
Does anyone running the 3990x in max find it underpowered compared to cheaper chips outside of rendering/multi-core tasks?

As for IR, my main concern is that it can run all the cores, and that, as I'm moving the scene around, hiding/unhiding objects, testing materials, it will have a hard time activating all cores and I wouldn't notice a dif. between the 90 and 70 as other hardware factors come into play anyway. Again, some have alluded to as much in this thread and noted the importance of single core on larger scenes. Perhaps a raid would be more important for this stuff. As I said, once I click render, the thing's not really an issue anymore - I 90% care about IR. 

Also being implied is that maybe overclocking a core or 2 is much much easier on the 70x vs the 90x. How high can single-core overclocks clocks go on either realistically?

Regarding scaling on final renders - is the 13s benchmark not a real-world scenario?

As for chips - shouldn't 4th gens be coming out sometime soon?

Apologies if this is all over the place. It's an expensive system.

Looks like I might be leaning 3970x.

Hardware / Threadripper 3990x vs 3970x
« on: 2021-04-12, 18:03:55 »
Looking to get a new build. Current build is an i7-8700k. It works fine, but I'm looking to upgrade.
I use revit-3ds-corona. I spend maybe a quarter of my time in 3ds, but rendering is the bottleneck. What I'm most concerned with is IR speed as I test materials and scenes. Once the thing is rendering, it's not the end of the world.

I see myself having 3 options.
1-  Get the 3970x.
2-  Get the 3990x. 
3 - Wait till new chips come out.

I know the 3970x has a bit of a leg up on single core speed and it's cheaper, while the 3990x is twice as fast with renders. I wonder just how much faster in 3ds it would be than my current 3.7 ghz cores?
Is the extra single core speed noticeable when working with large scenes in 3ds or revit? Is the 3970x a better all-round workflow pic or is the difference not really noticeable?
I know that the Ryzen 5 is also an option - would it be significantly better on single core tasks? I wonder how people feel having used these chips with 3ds and corona?

Also, does anyone know when new chips might be coming out?

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