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Porting and API / Re: corona API and Softimage integration
« on: 2014-03-05, 16:33:36 »
too sad, the autodesk news...but yes close it...

[Max] General Discussion / Re: corona and 3dsMax version
« on: 2013-07-05, 13:52:35 »
ok just intalled 2014...
2011 have some issues with...
btw. if you render hair, you set it to geometry right? and do convert it in mesh or leave it as the modifier? as modifier i cant change material settings, right? only as the whole emitter object, right?

[Max] General Discussion / corona and 3dsMax version
« on: 2013-07-05, 09:20:14 »

wich version of max do you recommend for corona?
i have at the moment max2011, but it seems very unstable. should i go for a later version?

Porting and API / Re: Corona for 1 additional software
« on: 2013-07-04, 20:22:03 »
hi all

i would say that corona should be implemented in the major autodesk products:
3d max

they work hand in hand and with this, corona can cover all aspects of 3d producton like archvis, animation, character animation, simulation, dynamic simulation, hair, particles, fluids, etc.

modo has already a very good renderer and with the new character animation tools, modo want to go in that "animation market"...the same goes for cinema4d.

my opinion...

Porting and API / corona API and Softimage integration
« on: 2013-07-04, 17:45:50 »

i want to ask how the procedere is, if i want to test the corona api for a softimage integration? is someone doing some integration yet?
are there some documentation or sample codes?
i am not a professional developer, more hobbyist (developed some plugins and shaders for SI and other 3d applications), but i want to take a look at the api and try somthing for softimage...

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