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General CG Discussion / Re: CORONA VS ENSCAPE
« on: 2022-01-12, 10:52:01 »
I think any development like this will continue to push creativity and artistry in our field - for the same reason that professional photographers still exist even though everyone has an amazing camera in their phone.

...or CGI artists will all move to selling NFTs if clients dry up 😂

Hardware / Re: Would this RAM be Compatible
« on: 2021-11-29, 11:21:14 »
Hi Dave,

From what I can tell, that memory will be compatible with the MB ( - PCPartPicker lists that exact memory as being compatible, although it doesn't technically list the 128GB option - assumably because it doesn't have anywhere that sells that combination in its database currently?

I also had a look on the MBU manufacturer spec ( and it does support up to 256GB memory so can't see why it wouldn't work.

Whether that memory is the 'best' one going is something that's beyond my understanding - CAS-latency and memory timings is too confusing.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: V8 - Apple M1
« on: 2021-11-25, 10:37:12 »
I notice that rendering on a MacBook Air 16Gb only 4 cores render with a big model with lots of vegetation (6,7Gb swap used). Smaller models render using 8 cores with about 1,6 swap used. Corona render preparing the scene which takes rather long uses only one core. Is this all normal behaviour. Its a pity that only 4 cores are used when you would actually expect more cores at work in a larger model.

Sounds very odd - the number of cores used shouldn't ever be relative to the scene, unless you're changing settings in the different scenes. When rendering Corona should always max our the cores (literally 100% CPU power unless you've adjusted the settings). It makes sense that the memory used changes per scene as that will link to the complexity of the model, but CPU cores won't.

I would double check your render settings in the complex scene, and reset them to defaults to ensure you don't have something changed.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Corona for Apple Silicon M1?
« on: 2021-10-25, 10:29:44 »
I have another question about M1. What about Corona-Render in windows(3ds max or C4D) but in a apple macbook M1 that running windows?

For reference - I have 3DS Max / Corona running fine on a Mac running Windows (via Parallels) but not yet tried to move the setup onto an M1 Mac. I know there have been issues with the M1 chips running some Windows apps via Parallels and it's not yet optimised - also, with the move to M1 chips there is no Bootcamp option any more so virtualising Windows would be the only route (Parallels, VMWare, other).

General CG Discussion / Re: CGAxis Models
« on: 2021-10-19, 18:25:54 »
I've had the annual subscription for a few years - the more recent the model, the better it is (some of the very oldest content isn't so good) and the models themselves are mostly fine with the exception of the trees which vary a lot in quality.

I generally always re-wire the textures, even when they are shown as 'Corona' versions they sometimes have weird IOR values or extreme bump - but the models themselves are reasonable.

I would say the best thing about it is how large the library is, even if it does need a little tweak before you can use it - still miles better than starting something from scratch especially when populating a big scene.

Gallery / Re: Portraits of Chy Caron
« on: 2021-10-19, 16:12:09 »
Ok, then it just looks like it's wrong (to me).

Maybe I should have photoshopped in the backdrop instead haha - to be fair there's also a very steep drop down to the beach level, so that could easily throw the perspective off. See the attached photo, which also looks slightly odd but is entirely real!

Gallery / Re: Portraits of Chy Caron
« on: 2021-10-19, 14:56:28 »
Really good work. Reminds me a bit of the Islandic House by Juraj.
In one shot with the bathtub the perspectives of photo and 3d do not quite match I think.

Thanks for the comments - funnily enough there is no photo involved behind the bath, both of those images are all render/model. The only photo enhancements were for the people and birds, and enhancing the sky of the night/dusk shot. Perhaps the perspective looks strange behind the bath as the view is across a beach, with another headland behind - but it's all in the model, and matched to the real location - so the perspective is true.

Might be my misunderstanding, but isn't the argument for CoronaLightMaterial that is behaves *exactly* like a CoronaLight object - and so in theory you can make a CoronaLight in any shape?

I'm not necessarily saying this is always true in performance and behaviour, just what I've seen previously?

Gallery / Re: Portraits of Chy Caron
« on: 2021-09-23, 11:10:34 »
really nice images, particularly the sunset lighting +1

Thanks cjwidd - in theory the sunset lighting is accurate to the location, so hopefully the owner will be able to enjoy a similar light once it's built!

Gallery / Portraits of Chy Caron
« on: 2021-09-21, 18:10:56 »
Hi folks,

Quick share of some selected images made in collaboration with architect Matt Williams.

Created using 3DS Max / Corona / ForestPack / RailClone / Megascans - and a little in Photoshop (people, birds, colour adjustments - but mostly straight out of the VFB).

I might have been too enthusiastic while creating alternative shots, so there are many more images on Behance + Artstation

Cheers - J

I had this exact question a couple of years ago and decided to go with, mostly for the project and time tracking elements. It has a nice web interface, with a companion app time tracker which is super easy to have running in the background and assign to the projects created through the web.

I'm pretty sure it does all of the other things you're after although I haven't used all of them extensively! I've probably got some kind of referral code so pop me a DM if you wanted it.

Yes, please consider :) I know it is hard to do but this one and the fact that the effect ends up in the "Rest" element when using light mix are restrictions making the feature hard to use.

So that's what is appearing in the 'Rest' Lightmix element... I had assumed it was that, but good to see it confirmed. Agreed, this isn't super helpful - likewise it doesn't appear in the Volumetrics element.

Gallery / Re: SPA
« on: 2021-08-10, 10:42:04 »
As always, some truly outstanding work from two of my favourite artists. I'm sure everyone will have their favourite, but personally I think image 4 is a real stand-out shot... super photographic, beautifully realistic and incredibly natural.

General CG Discussion / Re: Object library ?
« on: 2021-08-03, 10:41:00 »
I've had a CGAxis subscription for a few years, some of the models aren't of the best quality - but the library is huge, and they often have discounts for their annual pass bringing the cost right down.

They recently had a summer deal making the annual subscription $150 - which seems like an absolute bargain for 4000+ models even if you do have to manually tweak the materials.


I can imagine it as a variation of the Beauty Pass (where you can have it including bloom or glare) - and have an input box for the Tone Mapping settings.
In theory it would nice to use a similar sort of function to automatically output images with different LightMix settings, as an alternative to manually save them out or using CIE at a later point to create different lighting options.

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