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[Max] I need help! / Light conversion to watts questions
« on: 2019-09-25, 23:22:51 »
Hi all,

1. I'm wanting to clarify what the unit of measurement the following have in respect to real-world values:

I believe it's W/(sr.m^2) for both especially the CoronaLightMtl going by the helpdesk page.
Corona supports Candela (cd), Lumen (lm) and Lux (lx) units. If it's not specified (for example in standard lights, Corona material's self-illumination, or Corona Light material's intensity), the unit used is Watts per steradian per square meter - W/(sr.m^2).

2. Also is W/(sr.m^2) which is Coronas' default for CoronaLights' the same as W/m^2 which is the unit I'm trying to convert to or in laymans terms Watts? If not, how can this get converted to Watts?

3. I want to convert to watts from the following:

No conversion required? Is this just watts?

Lumen (lm)
What is Coronas internal value for lumens per watt? 15, 16? These are the two values I've seen knocking about the internet.

Lumens / (Lumens per watt) = Watts
P = 900 lm / 15 lm/W = 60 W

Candela (cd)
Candela / 683 (Lumens per watt) = Watts
P = 40980 cd / 683 lm/W = 14.64 W

Lux (lx)
Lux / 2145.708 =
P = 128742.469 lx / 2145.708 = 60 W

I wanted to check this before anything else.


See the diagram of what I'm trying to achieve. It will explain it a lot better than writing it.

Reasons explained in the image as well.

Hi anyone out there that can help with a mathematical / maxscript question.
I need to translate Corona sun and target lights pos and rotations to get me the yaw and pitch.

How can I do this? "It times like these - Dave Grohl" I wish I paid more attention in Maths class!!

Is this even close?
Code: [Select]
 /*  x,y,z,roll,pitch,yaw */
 sun = selection[1]
 roll = sun.rotInParent[1]
 pitch = sun.rotInParent[2]
 yaw = sun.rotInParent[3]

There's multiple different ways people are viewing this. This is just one page I found:


This is the error message that I'm getting.

Code: [Select]
===== Warning(36) =====
Distributed rendering from a free (non-camera) view can lead to incorrect results.
If you see incorrectly overlapped objects, render from a camera view.

Then even with the vfb:off switch it still shows the vfb.

Code here:
Code: [Select]

fn shakeAndBake o pxl =
  local o = $
  diffuseColor = Corona_DiffuseColor()
  diffuseColor.outputSzX = diffuseColor.outputSzY = pxl
  diffuseColor.fileType = (getDir #image+"\\""_diffuse.png")
  diffuseColor.fileName = filenameFromPath diffuseColor.fileType
  diffuseColor.enabled = true
  o.INodeBakeProperties.addBakeElement diffuseColor
  select o
  --This is where the vfb is set to off but it still shows
  render rendertype:#bakeSelected vfb:off progressBar:true outputSize:[pxl,pxl]
theObject = shakeAndBake theObject 512

See attached.

One 'Normal' Normal Map and a green coloured one.

What's the RM in the name mean and what use would these have?

DL'd from here:


What I have so far is the DS918+ and Zenith Extreme Motherboard which came packaged with a 10GbE card (RJ45) and the ASUS DSL-AC68U modem/router.

To get 10GbE, I might just have to sell the DS918+ and opt for the DS1517+ 8GB model (found here on senetic)

I'm just setup on one workstation currently and was hoping to delve into the land of fast 10GbE.

I unknowingly didn't really know the benefits of having a 10GbE before I bought the DS918+.
The reason for the NAS is just to have one accessible place to grab work files from anywhere when I need too and store all my other personal files. But having the luxury to edit directly from the NAS would be great.

  • What do I need for 10GbE connection directly to the NAS apart from the 10GbE network interface for the NAS to connect to my PC which has the RJ45 10gbe card? My router is the dsl-ac68u (1900 mbps).
  • Will the router do? Or does that need upgrading too?
  • Is there another way to skin this cat?
Any expertise on this subject would be great, thanks.


I'm delving into the world of the UPS.

Equipment to be attached:
  • PC, monitor which draws roughly 350-450w load during normal use. 1950x TR and one 4gb Gpu.
  • NAS with 100w power supply.
  • Router

What is was wanting to know:
  • A UPS that'll have 2 USB connections to safely shut down both the PC and NAS. (I can only find one). Is it a case were I could use a USB splitter to do this from the one USB port on the UPS.
  • 1500va/900w should be enough for the purpose?
  • I've heard there are ones that can actually save your work but again, I can't find any.

Hardware / Anyone used before
« on: 2017-10-22, 03:45:59 »
Just curious if anyone has used this website before.

Just that it seems a little strange (no offence meant) that such a large website isn't available in English. Plus I'm not 100% sold on the website itself.

Just about to make a large purchase on it.


My PSU just died yesterday which got me worried about my mobo. It's the same age, 10 years. Wasn't the worst 10 years on the 1366 socket but time to upgrade to a big (ish) build. But I've outgrown the OC'd i7 980X.

I say (ish) because it's no dual zeon beast but my kidneys are fine where they are, thank you very much.

Questions in bold

What I have to recup from my build onto the new
What's in my overlockers basket
That's it.

The ram is also compatible with the X399. See here.
Which is expandable to 128gb over the 8 dimm slots on the x399. When i have the €'s to do so.

My GPU setup will be upgraded when I feel the need or require it. Reason why I'm going for the 700watt PSU.

Screenshot of basket attached.

Again, questions are in bold and any general comments would be appreciated.

General CG Discussion / SME hidden Feature
« on: 2017-01-19, 15:30:26 »
I've yet to see this used by anyone and it's very time-saving.

Just long press (half second or so) on the preview window in the slate material editor (see attached) and you get an option to add a textureMap, controllers to any of the exposed values or maps.

You can long press on all Materials, Maps to get options associated with that map type.

I had to give myself a pat on the back when I discovered this today :D

It lends itself to a more fluid workflow when adding maps to SME.

Code: [Select]
viewport.ResetAllViews() --resets to Max Standard
viewport.setGridVisibility #all false
max tool zoomextents all
viewport.activeViewportEx 2
actionMan.executeAction 0 "40406"  -- Views: Extended Views
viewport.activeViewportEx 3

fn stopCoronaIR_fn =
   if (classof renderers.current == CoronaRenderer) AND CoronaRenderer.CoronaFp.getRenderType() == 2 then -- docked type
stopCoronaIR_fn ()


So the above code doesn't work in the second time of running. First will start. Second should stop and restart but it's not working and it seems to lock the listener also.

I want to easily stop the docked render and start it for the sake of a script I'm writing. I was hoping not to have to create a timer to do restart after I stop it. Reparsing doesn't work for my needs.

But this is just a hack for me to rename maps in the slate material editor while an IR renderer is working. Stop it, rename maps, restart it is what I thought needs to be done to rename them successfully.

Sometimes my script renames the SME nodes, sometimes not. This is definitely linked to IR being active.

I'm trying to pick say 0,0,3 on sRGB and the values don't stick.

Selecting other combinations below also don't work.

Only when I pick a value above sRGB 0,0,15 + it works but jumps to 0,0,21 on re-open of the pallette.

Hue or saturation don't seem to affect this.

Also percent is affected and value 0-1.

A map channel associates a map with an object's mapping coordinates.
When you turn on Generate Mapping Coordinates for an object, the coordinates use map channel 1. You can assign new map channels with new mapping coordinates by applying a modifier such as UVW Map or Unwrap UVW to the object. Map channel values can range from 1 to 99.

I'm writing a script to effect selected bitmap and CoronaBitmap nodes in the SME and noticed that when you right click on the spinner it goes to zero when the default is actually 1.

Would replace VFB IR in most cases for me. :)


Seeing as all bump maps need loading with gamma 1.0. Could you add the same control as the normal maps for the additional bump maps. Checking the box will convert map to gamma 1.0?


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