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Learner’s Corner / Retro Study Room
« on: 2020-01-18, 13:58:24 »
Hello everyone. This is my first work using corona renderer. I learned everything about corona while doing this study. I didn't make any corrections on photoshop, i use only corona renderer tone mapping,bloom,lut etc. What would you recommend me to make more realistic renders? What would be your advice?

[Max] I need help! / I need help about render brightness
« on: 2019-12-29, 15:19:19 »
hello everyone, after using vray i want to learn about corona and started today. I have a problem with brightness for my renders. I am copying all of the lighting values and intensity parameters etc. from a video tutorial but there are many differences between these two results. Is it about gamma/lut settings? I also check them but i cant see anything weird.

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