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[C4D] Feature Requests / vray 5 sp2 like decals feature
« on: 2021-11-11, 11:22:45 »
in latest vray sp2max there is an excellent new feature via the decal object.

it works via more than one object,and has a very nice workflow.
i hope this feature will come to corona(c4d) too!

( i know c4d mat stacking allows decals, but in a much less convinient workflow)


Hi All,

is there a way to set corona to save a .cxr file at render end, automatically in the c4d version (as inmax)
the c4d output settings do not have the cxr file as choice,
the vfbis a manual save which deoesnt work if i send a job to a renderfarm.

any idea howto force a cxr output so i also get it from a renderfarm like rebus?

i know an exr is almost similar, but i hope tohave an option toget a cxr


Dear All,

we have an internal farm so normally inot use renderfarms,but due to many renders i might need an external farm.

i used rebus in past, had some issues (wrong render results) , do you have recommendations other than rebus, in special for fast still renderings?
and maybe also better in price etc?

or has someone expereince setting up an EC2 instance to render on it (c4d+cor)



i wanted to ask if there is a theoretical chance that Corona will get an export to Chaos Vantage sometime in future?

it seems the material system in v7 and also rest of corona is techically,and settings wise very close in many parts to V-ray 5, and probably could be translated into a .vrscene (compatible) file, which vantage uses and can read.

is this plausible or am i wrong?
are others have the same wish?
even if the look is different for us at least it wouldbe great to have this option for realtime rendering in future.
(of course c4d shaders needed to be baked or translated i assume, bitmap textures shoudl be easy to stranlate to vrscene)



i have a scene with a mograph cloner (which  is using a shader effectorand random effector) as grass.

when i start IR, with every cam move IR starts to re parse the scene from zero in v7,which makes it not interactive at all. this was ok inn v6.

i tried also the multiinstances,but it is same(render or multiinstances)

is this a known v7 issue yet?
any ideas?



when i render mb (moving objects) and the scene has cloners(render instances),
i still get some clonedobjects movedto wrong places.

overall the scene doest "explode"anymore as in v6, but i think some little rest of the problem is still there.

i will try to strip down my exampel scene ( o no NFR related thinsg from client are in) and send it then to you via the uploader.

it would be great to finally be able to use motionblur in coronawith scenes that have render/multi instances! :)



this is one IR bug i want to report which was also in v6 ,but is still in v7:

if i have a frontal mapping on an object, like a skybitmap image BG on a big sphere, the frontal mapping doesnt update its"frontal"position when i move the camera.
it "sticks" to the old location like a sticker on the object.

obviously it would be needed to stay frontal projected, hope this is fixable for final v7 ?



i have a v6 scene where a group of buildings render shifted in v7 ipr, but it renders ok when using fina lrendering or ipr v6.
i cannot postthe scene here but i can give it to the corona team if that helps.

is that a know issue?
i use no motion blur or other specialthings,nothing is animated either(still image)

i use the latest daily version v7 from 4th june 2021

best greetings

[C4D] Feature Requests / MIX value/slider in glossy tex slot
« on: 2021-05-19, 15:58:20 »
PLEASE dear Corona team,

add a MIX slider value to the texture for the reflection glossyness,atm it is a pian to always to have to use a coronamix shader for this, and the actual glossy texture othen as subtexture.

in almost 99% of the cases a glossy texture is needed to be mixed in slightly only, like  20-30%, so a mix slider, as it is in diffuse channelor reflection color, would greatly help here for coronas workflow!


[C4D] I need help! / optix denoiser error
« on: 2021-05-13, 21:45:55 »
"Version mismatch detected in NVIDIA AI Denoiser, most likely caused by other render engine loading different OptiX DLLs. Please report this to Corona support.
Running version: 6.8.0, expected version: 6.0.0"

how can i solve this?
newest nvidia drivers are installed,
i also have vray5 on the system,can that be the cause?

THX for help

[C4D] Feature Requests / vfb2 for corona
« on: 2021-05-13, 19:17:23 »

ihope for a new enhenced vfb maybe in a way similar to the new vfb2 frame buffer in V-Ray 5?

like the layers and folders with masking etc are very powerfull, i would hope Corona can also add some stuff in that direction.

we like to have the images direct out of the frame buffer with ideally no or only very little post production, such vfb tools could help a lot in daily corona work:)

i love corona very much, but this features of the vray 5 vfb2 are kickass, as both are owned by the same company, maybe soem can "flow over" to corona c4d too ?:)



i wanted to ask if there are anyplans to improve the current corona vfb, maybe in a way similar to the new vfb2 frame buffer in V-Ray?

like the layers and folders with masking etc are very powerfull,i would hope Corona can also add soem stuff in that direction.
we like to have the images direct out of the frame buffer with ideall yno or only verylittle post production, such vfb tools could help a lot in daily corona work:)


Dear All,

may i show you here mypost about our new parallay virtual room shader?

maybe somemight be interested, (several did ask on forums and facebooklastdays,so here it  is native working in C4D corona!)

i post here later inthis thread also some other nice helper tools we have for follow Corona users:)


Dear All Corona Render C4d Artist here!

As recently some here around asked for a Corona compatible Parallax shader for interior rooms, we actually do have such a shader ready 🙂 as native c4d shader supporting Corona render direcly!

Maybe it might interest some of you? it supports flat and even curved walls, can be mapped per polygon or also over a UV map 😊 more than one poly, curved surfaces), it allows mapping of all interior and exterior walls, ceiling,fllor, random & controlled skipping of rooms, and also inbetween walls with opacity maps(like for furniture etc).

In case you are interested, the 1.0 version is available for 39.- in our shop here:
#c4d #coronarender #coronarenderer #maxonc4d #Maxon #maxonvfx #maxon3d

does any other also expereince extreme slow r23 geometry prepare times?

i have here scnes that take severalminutes (6-9min) forthe geometry prepare in r23and latest corona v6,
and the same does it in a few secodsin c4d r19,with exact same settings and same corona version.

i use no search paths in both, so that it cannot be.

any lese expeirece the same, is this a know issue with r23?

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