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Just updated to max 2021 on my home machine and installed corona render. It works fine but for some reason i can't find the corona material library button. Has it been moved or was it somehow just not installed? The materials from my previous still works fine. So, the maps are there, I'm just missing the actual button.

General CG Discussion / Machine/Deep learning Seam removal?
« on: 2020-12-16, 08:50:07 »
 Hello everyone.
I remember having bookmarked a website that would remove seams on an image using deep learning.
Somehow I lost the link... Does anyone know what I'm talking about? or maybe have a link?

Gallery / Salt and pepper
« on: 2020-09-15, 17:50:14 »
Salt and pepper

Made a free model I wanted to give away in the goodies section... Somehow this turned into a whole side project (don't ask me how)
More info on my artstation

Hello and happy friday everyone!
I decided to celebrate that my forum account has been approved, with a little post about what I'm currently tinkering with outside of work.
Where I'm currently employed we work exclusively with V-ray. BUT I've been keeping an eye on corona ever since the alpha stages and remember being impressed back then.
But I gotta say, if I was impressed back then, then I'm blown away now. The way corona handles bloom and glare is amazing, it's intuitive and easy to work with, converting scenes is a breeze.
I think i have a new favorite render engine, and I've dreaded having to work with V-ray all week.
Enough of that tho.
My brother and I are working on starting our own thing on the side. Since he's a corona user, I thought i should spend some time catching up before we go live.
Here are some images I worked on these past few days.
I will update as the project comes along.
Please, if you have any comments or any thoughts that you wanna share, don't hesitate to post here!
I'm open to all criticism, creative or technical.

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