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[Max] General Discussion / corona and 3dsMax version
« on: 2013-07-05, 09:20:14 »

wich version of max do you recommend for corona?
i have at the moment max2011, but it seems very unstable. should i go for a later version?

Porting and API / corona API and Softimage integration
« on: 2013-07-04, 17:45:50 »

i want to ask how the procedere is, if i want to test the corona api for a softimage integration? is someone doing some integration yet?
are there some documentation or sample codes?
i am not a professional developer, more hobbyist (developed some plugins and shaders for SI and other 3d applications), but i want to take a look at the api and try somthing for softimage...

The Soulcage Department

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