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Gallery / Gaea's Bosom
« on: 2021-08-31, 02:55:40 »
Gaea's Bosom artwork.

Non-commercial project done in spare time. 
PhoenixFD for the waterfall and ofcourse our beloved Corona Renderer :D

Hope you like it!

[Max] Bug Reporting / Small typo in corona sky model hint
« on: 2021-07-22, 01:42:40 »
It seems to be the first report for the 7 release :D

Gallery / Kōdō
« on: 2021-02-01, 20:30:28 »
Kōdō artwork

Small non-commercial project done in spare time :D  by the way, using new Corona physical shader,
smoke simulated in phoenixfd.

Hope you like it!

[Max] Feature Requests / Background material
« on: 2020-05-30, 23:36:22 »
Today I came across an interior scene in which I needed to use a Jpeg background stretched onto a plane and at the same time a visual display of corona sun outside the window with bloom and glare, and using the standard background approach described in corona's helpdesk with rayswitch cannot help me. If I had a full panorama, I would use direct visibility override in the scene settings but I don’t have it and translating this jpeg into a spherical projection and trying to catch it in the window is too time-consuming.
So I got an idea - what if we have a standalone shader for the background with all the necessary overrides, settings, and maybe additional features directly in it, it would be very useful for newcomers as well.
In about 3/4 of all interior scenes, I add the background directly to 3ds max and not on postprod, and in half of these cases I use regular jpeg. Maybe I just don’t have enough knowledge or experience and I don’t understand something, but how, for example, can I solve this problem with displaying the sun through the background?
I think that if you think over and develop the idea, it will be very Corona-style, we will get a quick and easy-to-use tool for the tasks that visualizers constantly face in their daily work, especially considering that corona is mainly used in exterior and interior visualization

[Max] Feature Requests / Corona VFB portrait orientation
« on: 2020-03-05, 17:29:14 »

Guys, can we get an option to shrink the VFB window to this “vertical” layout with buttons on the left instead of at the top, it can be usefull for people with 1 monitor setups

I would like to ask the developers how the work on implementing foam and splashes support from phoenixfd is progressing, can we expect it in v6?
Is there hypothetically a technical possibility to implement motion blur support for a changing topology or to create a separate CoronaMesher that works with motion blur?
Soon I will have to render some fountains and I would not want to use other engines, since I stuck to Corona.

Guys, I need your help!
I have a complex scene that i created in 3ds max 2018 and corona 5, then I upgraded to 2020.2 and now I need to return to this scene and continue working.

The problem is - when I open this scene in 2020, 3ds max just crashes. I can merge all the stuff into a new scene, but after saving and opening 3ds max continues to crash. Empirically, I found that it was Corona render, because when you remove Corona render completely - the problem disappears.
Alternately isolating the layers and "save selected" to new separate scenes, I found out that the problem concerns objects, the materials of which contain a distance map.

And now i need to find  all my objects with distance map. Unfortunately I dont know the MAXscript and therefore I need your help, plz)

More and more often I notice that it is more convenient for me to use Corona scatter instead of Forest pack, it does not have such a messy interface and in most cases it does its job perfectly.
There is only one case left where I have to use Forest - scattering along the spline.

Let's say we have a curbstone and a complex spline with different Z-coordinates of the vertices (spline and box.jpg)

Let's create corona scatter and Forest and we can notice that the orientation of the boxes is slightly different. In the case of Forest, the boxes are oriented strictly upwards and in the case of Corona scatter, they are rotated along "local spline axis".
(scatters_Top_view_comparison.jpg and scatters_perespective_view_comparison.jpg)

We don’t have many controls to adjust the orientation of objects. In the case of Corona scatter it is "align to normal" and in the case of Forest pack it is "follow path X and Z" (Scatter along splines controls.jpg)

And as we can notice - changing these parameters does virtually the same thing, but this does not solve the problem because we lose the orientation of objects along other axes.
(Corona scatter align to normal 1.jpg and Forest follow path Z unchecked.jpg)

Can we just have an additional "make it straght!" checkbox that aligns objects like in a forest pack?

PS many thanks to the devs for the wonderful render engine and attention to user requests!

I have noticed this issue after installing Corona 4 Release version, when i create simple metal (or mirror-like) material with ior 23-999 and glossiness between 0.7-0.99, rendering models with material applied becomes weird and slow, its happens both for IR and Production rendering in all complex scenes no matter of lighting, with hdri or simple Coronalights, caustics on and off, with new lightsolver on/off, the only thing that helped me is a fresh scene with one sphere in it) then it is rendered well.

I attach screenshots of comparison between the 5th and 25th pass
I want to upload GIF but it is too big)

3ds max 2018
Windows 10
Xeon E5-2683 v3

Hello, I have noticed, when I setup my material using for example 3 maps like diffuse, refgloss and normalbump and when I want to use triplanar projection i have to setup triplanar map, then copy it 3 times and spend some time connecting pins.
And every time I want to change and tweak triplanar projection i need to do it again, copying 3 times and connecting pins, considering that we cant see triplanar changes in the viewport and have to use IR, all that stuff becomes really annoying.
What if we could use multiple inputs  in CoronaTriplanar map  and multiple outputs for every texture we want to use with triplanar(choosing desired amount) or maybe CoronaTriplanarModifier with selectable desired UV channel. It will be great! I am not doing "photoshop-hypothetical" screenshots because it seems  that everything is clear.

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