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On MacOS 10.15.7 - C4D R24 - Corona V7 RC1

Crash cinema 4d if you add cube, add corona hair from corona menu and start IR.
Simple setup. This should not happend on a RC1? :D

Download V7 RC1 doesn`t work - Download limit reached

IPR need reactivation for materials with mixture shader in displacement channel, when you change view - Daily Build 2021-06-05
MACOS 10.15.7

Why did you remove MotionBlur optimizations from the roadmap again? This is our main concern for the next versions :)

Corona Plugin prevents the command: remove duplicate materials command

MacOS Catalina, C4D R23, Corona V6HF1

we have several projects that freeze when rendering after some frames cinema 4d.  we need a solution quickly, because we are running out of time. We have tested different MacOS versions and Cinema 4D R20-23 with Corona V6HF1. Cinema 4D hangs itself again and again. This happens with several projects on MacOS and Windows

Please revise the material preview for the Corona 7 Version. An opengl preview rendering is simply not possible yet. No shadows, no alpha, no filter or layershader previews, no stacked materials visible yet. You always have to create C4D materials for render opengl projects previews, that is very annoying. Please add this to the roadmap for V7

Hello i have a alembic file exported from blender with foam. I can import the particles as TP Group with Alembic cache. How can i render this points? Is there no way to render this?
With the hair render Tag i can render with the standard renderer, but not with corona hair renderer.

thx a lot for your help.

Framebuffer - scroll bar hides the checkboxes
check the screenshot

C4D Studio R21.207 - Corona 5 HF 2
macOS 10.14.6 Mojave

[C4D] General Discussion / more light emission vs. exposure
« on: 2020-03-11, 09:47:48 »
Hello is there a different Renderspeed between light up a interior scene with more lightemission or adjust the exposure?

We have OpenGL Issues in Viewport with Corona Materials. See on Screencapture.
In some projects materials always flicker ans show only wireframe when you move the camera or when you scale objects.

System: OSX 10.14.6
R21 Studio
Corona 5 HF2

Hello we have some problems with the Render Selected in Rendersettings.

We have just 2 planes in the Render selected list. But in the rendering there is also a reflection from another object that is visible.

System: macOS 10.14.6, Cinema 4D R20/21 Studio

Would be nice to fade between to Shaders or Materials in Cinema 4D.

When you scale objects which have a material with AO as Diffuse we got some Renderissues.

to reproduce
- Render Frame 0 in FB with IPR = everything is fine
- Render Frame 0 in FB final = GI is really slow and passes need more time

Corona 4 HF1
C4D R20

I wish you add the feature to convert only selected Materials. Sometimes i just want convert not all materials, because some are C4D Hair, or just C4D Materials for better view in Viewport.

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