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[Max] I need help! / Corona 3 Installation error
« on: 2018-11-26, 18:16:43 »
Hi guys,

I just tried to install the new version and I'm getting this error:

Failed to install file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\scripts\Startup\ Cannot open/read/write file 'C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2014/scripts/Startup/'
Operation result: failed

I'm using Win 7 64-bits, 3dsmax 2014 and updating from Corona 2. I've never had any issues with previous installations. Seems like it's pointing to the Startup Scripts... does it mean it has conflicts with proxy exporter, converter, etc... scripts? Once max is started there seems to be no problem at all. I can see the new denoising options and new features, it all looks to be working fine. If any, IR seems to be quite a bit slower than before...??

Hope you can help me out, thanks!

Hi all, since I updated to 1.7 hotfix 2 I'm getting a very unstable behaviour using IR. I usually preview my scene in a separate IR window and it all works well until I stop it. Once I do, it automatically crashes because of and Unexpected Max error. (scene is saved as a _Recover, and then it closes)

I'm using Max 2014 and Corona 1.7 hotfix 2. The scenes were developed with 1.7, then I updated to hotfix 1 and hotfix 2 while working, they contain some Hair and Fur, and are not too heavy (6-7 million poly), I have 32Gb RAM memory. This didn't happen on previous versions. Can anybody help me?


Hi everyone,

I'm pretty sure i haven't touched anything in Photoshop lately, but for some reason I'm finding a noticeable color discrepancy between my VFB and Photoshop. It probably is PS related, but I wanted to seek for help here, as you all probably use the same workflow I use.

I've been quite happy with the new tonemapping capabilities of the framebuffer, so I do most of it inside Max, then export to 16bit TIFF to do some touchups in PS, collapse to 8bit and send to client. Today, I just noticed a major color shift from the Corona VFB (same as in CIE) to PS, the only remedy is showing Proof Colors (set to Monitor), but after saving a copy the shift is back. I'm pretty sure I've havent touched anything in PS, and this behaviour didn't occur before 1.6 (??)

I'm pretty bad with color profiles,and most info I can find is related to printing, etc.. So any tips on setting up a correct workflow are more than welcome (Max> Tonemapping> touchup in PS> export for client). BTW, my monitors are correctly calibrated using DisplayCAL, and Ididn't notice this behaviour before. Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

I'm trying to obtain a single element I forgot to add during the main render. I need the CShading RawComponent set to Reflect element, and i'm trying to render it with "Render only masks" activated, but all I get is a solid black image. Is this behaviour correct?

Hi all,

Is there any way I can send scenes to render ONLY on my slave PCs (nodes) without clogging my main workstation? I'm currently working on many different projects and need to be developing new scenes while rendering others. I have a BOX license... Any tips?

Might just have overlooked some setting, but I can't seem to find the way for such an easy task.


Hi guys

I've just discovered something quite odd. I ran a bunch of renders and saved them in the usual manner. 32bit EXR with all render elements (Cmasking_ID and CGeometry_Zdepth) added automatically as layers to the resulting EXR. I've always worked this way and it's the first time i see the following:

When I reopen the EXRs in Photoshop the MatID pass is textured, instead of being bold and bright colours as usual. There is quite a bit of light/shadow (or albedo?) information in the masks, which makes it impossible to use reliably. I'm attaching an example.

Can anybody help me out? I've re-rendered only the elements in one of the images and saved it straight to TIFF from the VFB and it came out as it should. What went wrong with the EXRs?

Hi there,

A couple of days ago I updated Corona to 1.4 (from 1.3) and everything looked brilliant. Today I tried to fire up a distributed render and I'm getting some miscommunication between workstation and node... Last time I checked there were no problems launching 3dsmax 2014 on the node, but I'm getting some 3dsmaxcmd (i guess) errors after the update.

Can anybody take a look at this please? Here are the logs.


Hi everyone,

I just bumped into a new quirck/problem. I left my machines rendering overnight and this morning i tried to stop the render process. Just pressed Cancel and the buttons became grayed out, and now I can't seem to stop it.

I'd say it has happened before, but a few more clicks on the Stop button in Corona Frame Buffer or Render window Cancel, would finally stop it (I seem to recall...) Problem is I'm just trying VFB+ plugin (which is really cool) and I'm lacking the CFB Stop button. I spoke to Rotem (VFB+ developer) and he said VFB+ doesn't control the rendering process in any way....

The rendered image has been properly saved to EXR, so no big deal. But is there an alternative way to stop the render without killing Max cold? (some command line or something..?)

Wouldn't like this to happen on commercial work.. :(

BTW - I already checked the Helpdesk solution (having multipass turned ON in the camera). It's not my case.

Thanks for your help!

Work in Progress/Tests / Case Study House #28
« on: 2016-02-01, 14:49:34 »
Hello everyone,

It's the first time I post a WIP, I'm really looking forward to your comments.

This is a personal project I'm developing now that I have a couple weeks away from work. I usually work exclusively on interior scenes, although I'm trying to tackle exterior scenes to get more confidence.

This project is based around the Case Study House #28 built in 1955-56 designed by architects Conrad Buff and Donald Hensman. The house is huge (around 4000 sq ft!) and for now I have just developed the general structure, the area around the swimming pool and the living room. It's being quite difficult to find (I'm a really bad modeler) proper furniture, as I'm trying to retain the original look of the house, based on pictures I've found around the net. There are still many areas that I haven't started working on yet, so excuse the blanks.

I hope you all like it, I'll be very grateful to hear your comments.

(I'll be posting a couple of exterior shots by the pool area very soon)

Hi guys!

I'm very happy with the new 1.3 update, it solved quite a few minor complains I had.

Anyway, my question goes along other lines... I'm trying to find the correct 32bit workflow from Corona to Photoshop (I use ArionFX to open the EXRs)

The way I do it, I see major colour shifts from Corona VFB to Photoshop. This is my workflow:

I export in 32bit Full Float, and open them in Ps, there's usually a colour shift and darkening in the shadows compared to Corona VFB. I have "Proof Colours - CMYK" activated to avoid even a greater shift/darkening. My first step is to tonemap the render with ArionFX, and in the preview window of the plugin the result gets a little better (better gamma/exposure/shadows but still colour shifts in the shadows with default values). Back from the plugin, the result changes again to deeper shadows and the colour shift is more notable. Seems to me like it's all a problem of how PS shows the 32bits...(?)

Once I convert my image to 16 bit (Exposure and Gamma, default values), the general shadow/highlight ratio is mantained but the colour tint in the shadows(usually towards green) is even made more present.

Does anyone have any tips to avoid all these colour fluctuations in PS...? Is there anything wrong with the workflow?

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

(I'll try to supply a few images to document all this mess shortly)

Hi all,

I recently aquired a new machine to act as a render node to my main workstation. I've been since trying to get Distributed rendering to work, but something is not working.

My main computer has my whole 3D work drive networked, with all the files required available to my node. Node has DrServer and Backburner Server launched. Workstation has either DrServer, Backburner Server and Manager launched (i've tried different combinations everytime).

Before launching render I open Asset Tracking and either Resolve Paths to UNC location (which points the files to Z:\\workstation\...) or Retarget Common Root (to \\workstation\...) I've tried both, then I enable Distributed Render in Corona, Search LAN, and it correctly find the node (if DrServer is launched on workstation it finds it too, but i guess it is useless isn't it?). I launch the render....

It starts in both computers (can't really see whats on the node since it's minimized, but looks fine). In 60 seconds node syncs with workstation and this is what i get.... A black bar along the image everytime I do it.

Can anyone help me out please?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / EXR export gamma problem
« on: 2014-10-21, 10:16:33 »
Hi guys

I'm having a weird problem when exporting my renders as EXR 32 bit. I'm running 3dsmax 2013 and the current Corona A7.1. Max gamma is set correctly, following the tips of Rawavalanche here on the forum (basically gamma 2,2 everywhere)

The thing is.... When I export, if I use default gamma (output 2,2) the render is completely washed out in photoshop, which is normal behaviour isnt it? But if I override it (gamma 1,0), the render comes out really dark in photoshop. The gamma override that saves the image as similar as the VFB, I found out to be... 1,8! Why is this?

Thanks for your help.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Bad allocation error in A7
« on: 2014-07-24, 22:12:58 »
Hi guys,

I've been using Corona Render for about six months and I'm absolutely delighted with the developing of the engine. I even dumped Vray and now only use Corona for my professional work.

I've recently gone back to a couple of scenes (developed in A6 a few moths ago) to rerender them on a much higher resolution. I'm using A7 now, and i've been having "Bad Allocation" issues with both scenes about the time I stopped rendering. I'm actually just doing a region render (3200x6400px) of a detail of the view (the whole view is about 8500x6500px). Scene renders and stops properly albeit the error, and everything seems to work fine after the first one or two warnings, but I've had a few crashes afterwards too...

My setup is a i7 4820K, 24Gb DDR3 RAM and a GTX 760. Scene is not too heavy, just about 200k polys, with a few displacement maps. I've never run into any memory problems before with A5 and A6, and up to these scenes neither with A7. I'm working under Max 2013.

Hope any of you guys can give me a hand on this. Thanks.

[Max] General Discussion / Glare and Bloom
« on: 2014-04-19, 14:30:51 »
Hi all,

I'm very happy with the rendering capabilities of Corona Render, it's probably the best render engine i've tried in the last 8 years. I've ditched Vray completely, and now use Corona for my professional work all the time. Unfortunately I miss a few features I've seen in other engines (Fryrender and Vray) that I'm sure will be implemented in the future. One of them is the simulation of glare and bloom, or lens effects in general (diffraction, vignetting, CA...)

How do you people work around this? Obviously there's the Photoshop route, but that's a path I wish I could avoid. Some people in the forum state that they were able to simulate these using the VrayLensEffects, but i wasn't able to reproduce it,... do I have to clone my VFB to the max buffer and then render the effect? For some reason i couldn't get it to work. Can anyone share some tips on this?

I believe Keymaster and the Corona Team are to busy with other new features and tweaks, and he stated they wouldn't be implementing this sort of post process effects. So any info on how you guys work around this will be very welcome. Thx!

BTW... Keep up the good work Corona team!

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