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[Max] General Discussion / Volumetric FOG
« on: 2016-02-28, 08:03:31 »

Corona volumetric fog sucks .. Here i said it :P sorry .. it really sucks .. I watched the corona tutorials, read a lot of threads still dont get any near the results im looking forward to .. i have a large exterior scene .. and it was so simple and easy in vray, but so hard and awful in corona..

I hope it does get updated in the upcoming version...

Thank you

[Max] I need help! / toooo long parsing time
« on: 2016-02-21, 09:51:30 »

I used two vertex paint modifiers on the same plane for 2 different corona scatter objects .. i am getting a too long parsing time .. rendering is not starting not even after 20 min of waiting,,

any ideas ?


[Archive] Corona Scatter 2.0 / CS in CS
« on: 2016-02-17, 11:24:16 »
Hello Corona renderers,

I m trying to scatter grass on a huge plane, and the scatter count is so high that corona is not rendering anymore.
In that case, while using forestpack pro we used to scatter objects on a smaller plane multiple times, then use these scatter objects as objects on the main huge plane.
This method is not working with corona scatter. Can i put a coronascatter object in another coronascatter object ? If not, maybe this can be your next feature ..
Also, if coronascatter had a camera limit visibility feature, i wouldnt need this method at all then...

Thank you

[Max] I need help! / Vray to corona convert
« on: 2016-02-10, 16:20:21 »

I started using Corona only a month ago. Impressed by how fast and simple it is, also how stable and consistent.

I ve been using vray for quite some years though and i managed to create my own huge library of models and scenes.

A month ago i had a really complex scene, in which using both vray or vray-rt was really frustrating. Im not gonna tell the story of my life now but i really felt like vray sucked and started looking to other render engines and voila i met corona ...

As i started working with corona, i wanted to be able to use my vray  library fast and easy: i mean if i imported a vray model with vray materials, converted the scene to corona using the corona converter, i expected to get the exact same result when rendering as i used to have with vray. And for most cases it worked. Other cases it didnt. No problem, i am not that noob :P it s easy to go to the material editor and  fine tune a material or two and voila :)

So 2 days ago, i wanted to add a palm tree to a scene im working on for a client. Imported the tree, converted it to corona materials, clicked render .. Different results from vray. Okay i went to the material editor and sincerely couldnt know what was wrong with it. I thought it s maybe because vray materials has the option to use the same material on two sides, so i added a coronafrontbackmap and used the same diffuse map for both sides but it didnt workout.

I had to do that project using vray just for the sake of the tree :D anyways it wasnt a complex scene that needed me to use corona (because corona is faster i am mainly using it for interior night scenes :P ) I am an architect btw, so i m not neither a noob nor a professional CG guy.

Now i wanted to send u the pictures of both trees rendered with corona and vray, maybe someone could point out what are the solutions to this :( It would help me in my future projects .. thank you all and sorry i know my english is not perfect :P

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